EE top tips: How to use the Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner on the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+

8 March 2019

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ feature a brand-new way to unlock your phone – an Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner built in to the phone’s Infinity-O Display.

This innovative and intuitive way of accessing what’s on your phone is quick, convenient and super-secure.

You’ll no longer need to scramble around for the fingerprint scanner on the back of your phone – accidently pressing the camera lens in the process. And you won’t need to remember PINs, passcodes and patterns every time you want to make a call or send a text.

Simply place your finger on the bottom of the display and let your Galaxy S10 or S10+ work its magic and get you authenticated.

The new fingerprint scanner uses ultrasonic waves to accurately read every bump and ridge of your fingerprint. This accurate and detailed reading can even be done in bright sunlight or when raindrops are splashing your screen.

It’s the quickest way of unlocking your phone too. Even faster than iris scans and facial recognition on previous Galaxy phones, which can take a few seconds for you to line your eyes up on the screen or to get an accurate reading in the dark.

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Electrostatic Fingerprint Scanner: Galaxy S10e

The Samsung Galaxy S10e does things a little differently, with its Electrostatic Fingerprint Scanner placed on the side of the phone. This makes it quick and easy to unlock your phone while holding it naturally and is also fast and secure.

To set up the fingerprint scanner as your default method of unlocking your phone:

  • open up the Settings app on your phone
  • select Lock screen
  • click on Screen lock type
  • scroll down to the Biometrics section
  • click on Fingerprints
  • follow the on-screen instructions to set up your fingerprint security – you’ll be asked to swipe/press your finger on the display/fingerprint scanner.

Once set up, you’ll be able to unlock your phone quickly and securely using your finger or thumb.

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