Four ways to spark your creativity with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 and Note9

7 November 2018


Moments of inspiration can strike at any time, but you’re not always going to have a pen and paper handy.

With the Samsung Galaxy Note9 smartphone and Galaxy Tab S4 tablet, you can unleash your creativity whenever and wherever it suits.

Sketch out new ideas, create characters, produce floor plans and technical drawings, and make 3D models away from your office and without your desktop.

Here’s four ways you can keep the creative juices flowing while you’re on the go:

1.     Apps to unlock your creativity

Whether you like to sketch in your spare time or you draw and design for a living, there’s an abundance of apps for all levels available to download on Android.

Many apps are available for popular software programs. For vector drawings there’s the likes of Abode Illustrator Draw and Infinite Design, for image editing there’s popular apps such as Photoshop, and for computer-aided design there are lots of useful apps including industry favourites such as AutoCAD.

If sketching is more your cup of tea, you can try out apps like Sketchbook, Sketcher and ArtFlow, which let you work with various brushes, pen sizes and drawing tools.

With so many apps at your disposal, there’s no limit to what you can come up with. From simple storyboards to ultra-realistic character creations – let your imagination run free.

2.      Draw on your display with the S Pen

The Galaxy Tab S4 and Galaxy Note9 let you unlock your creativity with the innovative and intuitive S Pens, which comes included with both.

A fine 0.7mm pen tip and 4096 pressure levels mean the S Pen is designed for high levels of accuracy and a natural pen-to-paper feel.

Plus, you can easily erase and edit your work on the go, collaborate with colleagues on the same project, and upload your work online – all straight from your Galaxy Tab S4 or Galaxy Note9.

3.     Use your Tab S4 as a digitiser

With the Galaxy Tab S4 , you can stay productive when you’re on the move. But the tablet is also super-useful when you’re at your desk, working on projects on a desktop display.

The Galaxy Tab S4 comes with DeX built in. Simply connect the Galaxy Tab S4 to your monitor using an HDMI adaptor1 to turn the Galaxy Tab S4 into a digitiser.

This will enable you to produce detailed drawings and designs using your tablet and the S Pen, which can be viewed simultaneously on your desktop display.

The Galaxy Tab S4 can also be used as a dedicated touchpad and keyboard too, for an extra level of convenience and control.

4.      Show off your skills and learn new ones on PENUP

If you enjoy drawing or colouring in your free time, you might like the PENUP app, available to download on the Google Play Store. This is Samsung’s community of creatives and art enthusiasts. It’s a place where you can showcase your latest creations, get inspiration from other artists and learn new skills and techniques from experts. There’s also an area of the app dedicated to colouring in, which is a great way to relax when you have a few spare moments.

Get creative using the S Pen. It enables you to create intricate artwork and every aspect is customisable – choose different drawing tools, select different thicknesses and get creative with colour. You can share your best creations with the PENUP community too.

Put your art skills through their paces with different drawing challenges every couple of weeks. And if there are any areas that you’d like to improve, drop in on one of the free instructional video tutorials that will help you brush up your skills.

If creativity hits you at any time of the day, the Galaxy Note9 and Galaxy Tab S4 are the tools you need to make sure that moment of creative genius isn’t forgotten.

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1HDMI cable and accessories sold separately.



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