Jamie Laing's ultimate fitness challenge with the Galaxy Watch 4G

28 January 2019

The moment of truth has arrived for reality TV star Jamie Laing as he’s put through his paces for the 30-minute SAS-inspired fitness challenge.

Last week we saw how Jamie had been training for the intensive time trial with the help of Ollie Ollerton, former Special Forces operative and TV fitness guru. With the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G he was able to automatically log 39 different exercises, without the inconvenience of needing to carry his phone with him.

Now we get to see whether all that hard work has paid off. Jamie has to complete a 500-metre row, 20 tyre flips, 20 burpee pull-ups, five tyre pulls, a 30-metre commando crawl, and a hill climb before finally traversing over water. And he’s got to do all that in under 30 minutes, all while taking calls, streaming music and tracking his progress on his Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G.

Does Jamie have what it takes? Watch the video to find out!

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