Make your phone epic with these 5 simple tips

27 April 2017

 Make your phone epic with these 5 simple tips

Smartphones have become such a staple of modern life, that having them in our pockets is as normal as wearing clothes. Without them, we feel naked and disconnected from everything.  

So it’s no surprise that we choose to style our phones like we style our clothes, aligned to our personal tastes. If you feel like your phone needs that little personal touch or simply a refresh, here’s some tips on how to make it your own.

Get stylish AND sturdy with your perfect case.
We all know someone with a totally obliterated phone screen. You know, where WhatsApp messages are only visible through certain cracks, and trying to call specific people is just a wild ‘push-some-buttons-and-hope-for-the-best’ guess. Even though most phones are pretty durable these days, you can never be too careful.

And while keeping your phone screen intact is the aim, getting a new case is also the perfect opportunity to inject a bit of life and personality into your phone. You could get a Pokémon case. Or a hot dog-themed case (genuinely!). Or even a pigeon case, if pigeons are your thing. But if you prefer to steer clear of the more gimmicky accessories, there’s a ton of options out there, with loads of different colours and styles, that’ll keep your phone safe and look great, too.

Get some serious headphones.
Through apps like Apple Music and Spotify, we have pretty much every song ever written nestled in our pockets. Our phones have become tiny portals to decades of music (Spotify even has a playlist dedicated to songs written in the 1800s!) and so having a decent pair of headphones is pretty essential, to fully appreciate all those classics!

Luckily, headphone tech has come on leaps and bounds in the past ten years, with serious levels of science involved in getting that deep bassline just right. Companies like Beats by Dre, for instance, have been beavering away since 2006; concocting a monstrously big headphone sound that takes your morning-commute-tunes to whole new levels. If we were going to recommend starting anywhere, it would definitely be getting yourself some epic headphones

Hook up to the world of fitness.
If you’re not naturally that way inclined, keeping fit can be a battle. There’s just so many things out there to lead you astray – like chinese takeaways, and pubs, and sitting around binge-watching Netflix instead of going to the gym. So if you’re like us, anything that can help is very welcome.

And thankfully, there’s a whole host of great fitness accessories that pair with your smartphone to ultimately help you be good(-ish), and track all the progress you’re making. We recommend starting with the Milestone Gravitate Activity Tracker, which counts calories and measures your steps throughout the day – as well as being stylish and comfortable.

Take photography to the next level.
About 95% of life nowadays involves absolutely-must-capture-and-share Instagram and Snapchat moments. And when you look at Instagram accounts these days, people's shots are getting slicker and slicker. So how do you keep up? Well, you certainly don’t need a photography course to make your shots look pro. With loads of accessories to turn your smartphone into a full-blown camera, you can transform any pic into a masterpiece in seconds. We recommend starting off with some attachable lenses: for just £34.99, Kitvision offers macro, fisheye, wide angle and polarising lenses in one pack – your Instagram account will definitely approve.  

Connect to the world of tech.
There was a time, not too long ago, when mobile phones only let you make calls and send texts. But now, with endless options to connect your smartphone to the world of tech, there’s not too much you can’t do. But where do you even begin? Well for starters, the brand new Samsung Galaxy S8 allows you to control all of your Samsung smart devices remotely with Samsung Connect, view content on a large screen with Samsung DeX, or lock into Gear 360, the Gear S3 watch, and Gear VR.

And when it comes to virtual reality, Google’s Daydream View VR headset has been getting pulses racing across the globe. And it’s easy to see why… If you’re looking to pimp your phone, it doesn’t get much more epic than this!

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