Response Premium by Doro 

31 July 2020

If you buy a Doro pay monthly or pay as you go phone on EE, you can take advantage of our offer to get one month’s free access to Response Premium by Doro (usually £15 a month).

What is Response Premium by Doro?

Check out this video to see how a Doro phone and Response Premium by Doro could help you and your loved one:


Response Premium by Doro is a useful service that works hand-in-hand with Doro phones to give Doro customers and their relatives and carers extra peace of mind.

Doro phones feature the Response button, a large assistance button that when pressed will immediately notify chosen relatives, carers or other contacts. No PINs or passwords are needed. This makes Doro phones ideal for older customers or anyone who may need quick access to help and assistance in times of need.

With Response Premium by Doro, if there’s no answer, the call will automatically be passed to Doro’s Alarm Receiving Centre, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Alarm Receiving Centre staff are specialised in remote assistance and healthcare and can offer help and reassurance or pass the call over to the emergency services if needed.

Doro customers can use the Response button on their Doro phone at home or when they’re out and about. Plus, relatives and carers can see where their loved ones are via the Response by Doro app on their own phones.

Relatives and carers can also adjust a number of settings including the volume and brightness of the Doro phone remotely via their own phones and can even check how much battery the Doro phone has left. This makes it even easier for Doro customers to confidently use their phone.

An older man sitting with a female friend drinking a cup of tea while reaching for his Doro phone on the sofa

How does Response Premium by Doro work?

One of the best features on Doro phones is the Response button that quickly puts Doro users in touch with their chosen relatives or carers.

Everything can be set up in the pre-installed Response by Doro app on Doro phones, and the Response by Doro app for emergency contacts, available on iPhone and Android phones – so you can easily organise who’s called when the Response button is pressed.

If a call goes unanswered for any reason it will go to Doro’s Alarm Receiving Centre, which is open 24-7. Here, Doro users can get help and reassurance wherever they are and, if necessary, the call can be escalated to the emergency services.

a Doro phone with the Response button on the back

How do I sign up to Response Premium by Doro?

The service can be set up from either the Doro phone by the Doro user, or the relative or carer’s phone. To finalise set up and access Response Premium by Doro the relative or carer needs to subscribe through the Response by Doro app on their iPhone or Android phone, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Once in the app, the relative or carer must follow the on-screen instructions and enter the 15-digit activation code (IMEI number) of their loved one’s Doro phone – this can be found on the box the Doro phone came in, near the barcode, or by entering *#06# on the Doro phone. Finally, the relative or carer will need to provide payment details for when the one-month free offer is over.

Call us for free on your EE phone by dialling 150 if you have any questions.

an older man's hands holding and using the touchscreen on a Doro phone

Do I need a Doro phone to use the service?

Relatives and carers don’t need a Doro phone to sign up to the Response Premium by Doro service – you can sign your loved one up to the service on your own phone – the app works on iPhone and Android smartphones. Your loved one will need to be using a compatible Doro phone to be able to use the service and the Response button.

When they press the Response button on the Doro phone, you’ll be alerted via the app on your phone.

a woman's hand on top of the Response button on a Doro phone while sitting on an outside bench

Why do people love Doro phones so much?  

A pay as you go Doro phone, such as the Doro 8050, Doro 7010 and Doro 7030 may be ideal for older customers, or anyone who wants a phone that’s really easy to use. Plus, the Doro 8050 is also available on a pay monthly plan

Everything is designed with simplicity in mind, so users can enjoy loud and clear sound for better call quality and a strong and robust phone that stands up to accidental bumps and knocks. Doro phones also offer exceptional value for money.

If you’re looking after an older friend or relative or just want that extra peace of mind that help is always on hand and easy to come by for someone you care for, a Doro phone is a good option.

When complemented with the Response Premium by Doro service, you’ll know that help and support is just the press of a button away.

Plus, Doro users can feel confident using their easy-to-use phone, helping them to stay in touch with friends and family and remain independent and active in society.

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