Samsung Galaxy Note9: 5 ways to unlock the power of the new S Pen

24 August 2018


The S Pen is at the very heart of Samsung’s Galaxy Note series. It’s what makes the phone truly unique.

But the new S Pen on the Galaxy Note9 is different. Now Bluetooth-enabled, it’s capable of far more than previous versions.

Here are our top five things you can do with the new S Pen:

1.      Hands-free photography (including selfies)

We’ve all done it – held our arm out at a weird angle to try and get all our mates in the selfie, only to get an image with half your head missing. Or had to miss out on a great photo with your friends and family, because you’ve drawn the short straw as photographer.

The S Pen solves all that. Now you can get group photos and full-body selfies from up to 10 metres away with one click of the S Pen. Just open the camera, get in position and press the S Pen to take the photo.

2.      Give great presentations  

The Galaxy Note9 is an awesome all-rounder. But it really flexes its muscle in an office environment. With a slim and subtle design and new Bluetooth capabilities, you can use the Samsung Galaxy Note9's S Pen to change slides on screen and deliver slick and professional presentations.

Plus, with DeX on board, you can present and control your entire presentation straight from your Note9. DeX lets you quickly connect your phone to a monitor, mouse and keyboard with a single cable for a convenient desktop-like setup, wherever you are – so you can leave your laptop behind and work more flexibly with files and programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

3.      Control your music

Whether you’re hosting the party to end all parties or zoning out to your favourite tunes on the train home from work, the S Pen makes it easy to control your music. Leave your phone in your pocket and forget fiddling around with screens and menus – simply keep your S Pen close by and get in the groove.

4.      Control your videos

Sometimes things get in the way of you enjoying an uninterrupted viewing experience. The doorbell goes in the middle of your favourite soap, or you need to grab a drink during a film.

With the S Pen, you’ll no longer smudge the screen when you go to pause your video, or accidentally lose your place when you tap the screen. Simply press the button on the S Pen to pause your video. Then give it another press when you’re ready to resume.

5.      Turn your phone into an instant notepad

For those moments when you need to write down a quick message or note to self, the S Pen allows you to instantly jot down your thoughts and save them for later. Simply pop out the S Pen to turn your Note9 into an intelligent notepad. No need to unlock your phone – the S Pen writes directly on to the screen and saves it for later in the Always On Display or Samsung Notes app.

The S Pen is also customisable so can act as a remote control for a number of apps and features depending on your preferences, helping you make the most of the powerful functionality on your Galaxy Note9.

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