Samsung One UI – everything you need to know about the latest update  

10 January 2019

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The new One UI interface displayed on a Samsung smartphone

One UI is all about creating an easier and more intuitive mobile experience. The user interface has been redesigned to match your phone’s design, so you’ll see more rounded corners and larger content tabs that match the larger displays we’re used to on Samsung devices.

The display has been decluttered, so everything is easier to find and read in an instant. If you get a text or an email drops into your inbox, your alert will appear on the centre of your display, within easy reach for you to reply or swipe it off your screen. It’s a new look that makes lots of sense.

Better one-handed usability

one hand holding a Samsung phone featuring One UI

With many of today’s smartphones featuring a 6-inch-plus display, controlling your content on the move can prove tricky. Whether it’s skipping a track, flicking through photos or typing a message, using your super-sized smartphone with one hand could be easier. So Samsung has redesigned the way you interact with your phone.

One UI splits your display in two – the top section becomes the viewing section, while the bottom half is for interacting, so everything is within easy reach when you need to touch and press the display. It makes one-handed smartphone use much easier and reduces the risk of accidentally dropping your phone. It’s a big plus for productivity, plus when you start scrolling on screen the entire display is viewable – so content isn’t condensed and everything looks great.

Introducing gesture control

a before and after image of the settings panel on One UI

Thanks to One UI, now you navigate your way around your phone using gestures instead of tapping icons. This is great news, because it means the large display on your Samsung mobile can be used for showcasing content in all its glory, without buttons getting in the way.

Once you mastered all the new gestures, it’s a quick, easy and intuitive way of using your phone. Switch on Gesture Hints under Settings to help you get used to the new gestures. You can use this new navigation system by swiping up from different parts of the display to access recent tabs, return home and go back.

A comfortable viewing experience day and night

Samsung One UI Night Mode

One UI’s new Night mode blacks out the display, turning menus and apps dark to make viewing your phone in the dark easy on your eyes. Even Samsung internet gets dimmed, so you won’t be dazzled by bright whites when you’re scrolling through social sites in bed or online shopping in the evening.

What’s more, Night mode is kinder on your battery, so if you’re mindful of the power remaining on your phone you might want to switch on Night mode during the day too.

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