The 5 coolest things about the Samsung Galaxy S8 

30 June 2017

There was a time – and really, it wasn’t that long ago – when we didn’t expect much from our mobile phones. As long as we could make calls and our texts were delivered more often than they weren’t, we were generally a happy bunch! It didn’t take much back then…

These days, calls and texts alone won’t cut it. And with endless apps, games, podcasts and superfast 4G speeds on tap, it’s easy to see why. We’ve waved goodbye to the days of text message character counts and welcomed a new age of touchscreens, high-speed streaming and VR capabilities.

And that’s only the start. Take a quick peek at the new Samsung Galaxy S8, for instance, and you’ll see just how far the mobile world has come. With so many epic functions and features, Samsung’s latest release has quickly become the Gold Standard in smartphone technology, making everything more mind-blowing than ever before!

Now the great has become that little bit cooler, with the release of the brand new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ in Arctic Silver. And we’re particularly excited about this latest addition to the Samsung family because it’s only available on EE. That’s right, you can’t get the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ in Arctic Silver anywhere else! So to celebrate, we thought we’d take a look at just what makes the S8 so cool…

Escape reality… from your living room!
Have you ever kayaked over a waterfall? Or explored Palaeolithic caves? Or experienced the very beginning of the universe? Don’t worry, we haven’t either! But with the Galaxy S8 you can do all of those things – and loads more – by hooking up to Gear VR. All from the comfort of your living room!

And that’s not all. With 600-odd apps and over 1,500 premium VR movies to choose from, you’ll never be short of epic home entertainment options. It’s a pretty giant leap from Snake!

Instantly connect to Samsung’s ecosystem
When it comes to cool tech accessories, the Gear VR is just scratching the surface! Samsung offers a wide range of connected devices, software and wearables, all built with ultra-compatibility in mind – and that’s when the magic really starts happening! Hook up to the Gear S3 smartwatch, for example, and in seconds you can be dancing to your favourite Spotify playlist, making calls and tracking activity data – all from your wrist!

And if that’s not enough, you can control all of your Samsung smart devices remotely with Samsung Connect, view your Galaxy S8’s content on a large screen with Samsung DeX or lock into the world of virtual videos and games through Gear 360 and Gear VR. With endless options, the Galaxy S8 itself is just the beginning…

Your very own personal assistant… finally!
We can try to deny it, but really, we’ve all dreamed about having our own personal assistant. And now you finally can – in your pocket at all times – thanks to the Galaxy S8’s Bixby Vision. Whatever you need, Bixby is there to help and make your life easier.

From recommendations and reminders to buying gig tickets and booking hotels; you can leave the small things to your new PA, freeing you up to focus on the bigger stuff in life. And the more you use Bixby, the more it understands you and becomes even more efficient. If only everything in life was that simple!

It’s very, VERY secure!
If security is a concern then you can rest easy, as the Galaxy S8 goes that extra mile to ensure your files, photos, emails and any sensitive information stays totally safe and secure. And being Samsung, of course it uses the coolest tech to do it!

The S8’s iris scanner is the latest in hyper-secure smartphone access, and through eye pattern-recognition technology allows you (and you only) to quickly unlock your phone and authenticate purchases – so nothing happens without your say so. If you’ve never tried to replicate someone’s iris patterns, we can assure you it’s not easy!  

It packs a pretty serious punch!
We now use our phones for pretty much everything. And whether we’re trying to get somewhere with Google Maps or sharing our YouTube-video-of-the-moment on social, a powerful processor makes all the difference. And don’t Samsung just know it! The S8’s whopping Octa Core 64-bit processor – combined with EE’s superfast 4G network – provides an ultra-quick digital experience without the lag. Sure, the dazzling 5.8-inch Quad HD+* Infinity Display helps too, bringing your favourite apps and media to life in crystal-clear high-resolution – but without the power there’s no experience. And if there’s one thing Samsung have totally nailed, it’s providing epic experiences

Wondering what all the fuss is about? Check out the new Samsung Galaxy S8 in Arctic Silver to find out why everyone's so excited...

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