Tools to help your children stay safe online 

4 February 2019


Keeping children safe in the online world is something that’s vitally important to EE. That’s why we have a longstanding partnership with Internet Matters, a not-for-profit organisation that provides advice and information to tackle online safety issues.

On 5 February 2019 we joined forces with hundreds of organisations to help promote Safer Internet Day (SID), a day which specifically encourages the safe, responsible and positive use of technology by children and young people.

By working together on initiatives like this we can help make real and impactful changes to the lives of parents, carers and children.

As well as talking to your children about dangers online, a topic covered in one of our Community blogs, there are a couple of tools available from EE that can help you to keep your children safe:

Content Lock

This feature helps keep your children safe online by blocking 18-rated content. There are three types of setting – Strict, Moderate and Off.

Moderate is the default setting for new and existing customers, and allows access to social networking sites but not 18-rated content.

Strict is the safest setting for children under the age of 12. It not only filters 18-rated content, but also anything the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) rates higher than PG, as well as chat, dating and unmoderated social networking sites.

Off means your children will have full access to the internet, with no filter.

To check or change the Content Lock settings, just log in to EE then go to Menu, then Manage device, then choose the level you want. Alternatively you can text Strict, Moderate or Off to 879, or just give us a call on 150 or pop into one of our stores and we can do it for you.

For more information about Content Lock, visit our Help page.

Data Gifting

If you want to keep a check on how much data your children are using, try out Data Gifting. It allows you to gift data to other people named on your pay monthly account when they’re running low, so you know exactly how much data they’ve got left to use.

As well as ensuring everyone’s got enough data for the month, it means you can spread your allowance around without spending any extra money. It also gives you a chance to remind your children that what you’re adding to their accounts needs to last them for the rest of the month, so they’ll need to use it sparingly.

In addition, you can control how devices on your account are used. This means you can stop your kids from buying data, using their phone abroad, making international and premium rate calls and using data altogether.

To find out more about Data Gifting, visit our Help page.

Internet Matters have lots of information on how to create a safer internet space, including guides for all ages and handy conversation starters. To start a conversation today visit their website.

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