What’s Motion Sense and how can I use it on the Pixel 4?

15 October 2019

The Google Pixel 4 is the first ever phone to feature Motion Sense. But what is it and how will it change the way you use your phone?

Wave hello to Motion Sense

Motion Sense is a new technology that will enable you to control your phone to perform tasks without even having to touch it. Things like skipping music tracks, snoozing an alarm and silencing a phone call can all be done using Quick Gestures, just by waving your hand above the screen.

Soli, Google’s new sensing technology, is built in to the top of the phone alongside the front-facing camera. It detects and tracks hand gestures, so no physical screen touches are needed to make things happen.

Being able to use your Pixel 4 with Quick Gestures is great when you’re exercising, cooking or eating – now you can control your phone without getting your phone messy and without risk of falling off the treadmill. And you can shut down that noisy alarm when you’re half asleep without having to scramble around for the snooze button.

Unlock your phone faster

Another benefit that Motion Sense brings is faster phone unlocking. The Soli sensor detects when you’re reaching for the phone and springs into action before you even pick up your Pixel. The Pixel 4 can recognise your face in almost any orientation and it’s secure enough to use for making payments with Google Pay and signing into apps.

Much like Google Assistant, you can expect Motion Sense to continue to evolve and work with more apps and features over time – letting you do even more with your Pixel 4 using Quick Gestures.

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