Why the Huawei P8 lite could be your perfect match

8 November 2017

Don’t be fooled by the ‘lite’ in the name. When it comes to seamless processing power, super-defined photos and stringent security, the Huawei P8 lite is a serious heavyweight.

Giving better known (and much more expensive) smartphones a serious run for their money, this powerhouse delivers high-end looks and cutting-edge features at a bargain price. It’s quite simply the best value smartphone around.

If you’re not in the know, we take a look at just what makes the Huawei P8 lite so epic.

Super-defined photos in super-quick time
A quick double-tap of the P8 lite’s volume button fires up the ultra-sharp 12MP camera – even when the screen is off.  So you’ll always capture the moment, however unexpected. The camera comes fully-loaded with all sorts of clever features that deliver professional-quality photos at the touch of a button. Slick lighting effects help you capture vibrant, punchy colours in the darkest of conditions. And the unique ‘light painting’ mode lets you impress your mates with mind-boggling long-exposure effects, like car headlight trails and firework streaks. The only limit is your imagination.

If you’re a dedicated selfie-taker you’ll the love bold, bright snaps you can take with the P8 lite’s state-of-the-art 8MP front lens. Looking a little bleary-eyed? Just fire up the ‘beauty slider’, and soften your tones. And hey, you might even become Insta-famous before you know it.

Sleek good-looks and dazzling display
First impressions count, and the P8 lite is an absolute stunner. Huawei have ditched the home button, devoting the front of the device solely to the top-notch 5.2” Full HD screen, so you can stream your favourite shows, watch movies and share photos on Snapchat in gloriously bright, punchy colour. And the super-slim body and ultra-light design mean it’s dead easy to handle and type one-handed.

Running on the Android 7.0 operating system, the P8 lite is embellished by Huawei’s nifty, super-intuitive Smart Assistance menu – which is stuffed with loads of genius options, like scheduled power on/off times and an option to mute incoming calls with a simple flip of the phone.

Quick, secure access and lightning-fast streaming
Ditch those pesky PINs with the P8 lite’s slick, ultra-secure 360-degree fingerprint sensor – unlocking your phone in roughly 0.3 seconds. By anyone’s standards, that’s pretty quick. Even better, though; the sensor is located around the back, so it’s much more user-friendly and fumble-free than some other smartphones.

And the P8 lite doesn’t slow down once you’re in, either. This workhorse packs a hefty punch with a EMIU 5.0 user interface and 3GM of RAM for streaming and gaming – which means you’ll never be waiting for the action to catch up.

Dual SIM support – get two phones in one
Fed up with juggling your work mobile with your personal one? Get two phones in one with the P8 lite’s clever dual SIM support. Just slot your second SIM card into the device and you can switch between your phones on one handset. It’s a really handy feature if you’re juggling a couple of contracts at the same time, or spend time abroad and want to run a UK SIM alongside one local to another country. And it saves you lugging a couple of smartphones around all day.

Maybe you’d rather beef up your storage to an incredible 128GB instead? No problem. The second SIM option also doubles up as a memory card slot, so you can make acres of space for all your photos, movies and memory-sapping apps. Thanks Huawei!

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