Charge to Bill through the Microsoft Store

What is Charge to Bill?

Charge to Bill allows you to make purchases in the Microsoft store and add the cost to your EE bill.

How do I set up Charge to Bill with the Microsoft Store?

Need to know

Charge to Bill is available on any device logged into the Microsoft Store including console devices like Xbox.

You must have a Microsoft account before setting up Charge to Bill.

How to set up Charge to Bill

  1. Sign into Microsoft Store -
  2. Select your name in top right of screen and click on My Microsoft Account.
  3. Select Payments and Billing from dropdown and select Payment Options.
  4. Select Add a new payment method.
  5. Select Mobile billing.
  6. Pick EE as your mobile operator and enter your phone number.
  7. You'll then be sent a verification code and be asked to enter it on the next page.
  8. Once verified, you'll be able to select your mobile phone number as a payment method when purchasing a game, app or content from the Microsoft Store.
Add a mobile phone number

Need to know

You'll be sent an email receipt from Microsoft for all purchases made.

How can I get help?

For help and support from Microsoft for purchases made using Charge to Bill, go to Microsoft Support.

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