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Getting started

Get started with EE Smart Home Security - whether that's finding out if you can get it or how to book your installation.

What do I need to know before I can get EE Smart Home Security?

  • Order Home Security on your mobile or broadband plan. It cannot be added to watch or tablet device plans.
  • You have to be an existing EE pay per month mobile customer, or a broadband customer.
  • You cannot be an existing Verisure customer and take EE Smart Home Security.
  • You need working broadband before EE Smart Home Security is installed. If you need any help, call us on 0330 123 1105.
  • We do not currently cover the Outer Hebrides, Inverness, Kirkwall, Llandrindod Wells, Perth, Lerwick, Isle of Wight and Isles of Scilly.
  • You'll need EE 4G coverage at your home just in case there's ever an issue with your broadband.
  • You must be the owner of the property or have permission from the owner before it can be installed.
  • You can't add a home security plan as a business customer.
  • The address you use must be a residential address.

Who is Verisure?

Verisure are Europe’s #1 home security provider. They have 4.5 million customers in 17 countries across Europe and Latin America. Their business integrates product development, design and sales with installation, service and a 24/7 professional monitoring solution.

Is there more than one home security plan?

There are 5 plans to suit the different types of homes and the people who live in them.

  • Essentials for Houses
  • Essentials for Flats
  • Essentials Plus
  • All Rounder
  • Full Works (not currently available in Scotland)

How is this product different to other security products, like Ring? 

Other security devices aren't professionally installed, and they don't come with professional monitoring. If your alarm is triggered, Verisure will be responsible for calling the police for you in the case of a break in.

Is this new security system compatible with my existing smart doorbell?

No, and it will not work with any other smart doorbells that you may already have.

How do I book an installation appointment?

As soon as you’ve added home security to your bill, you’ll receive a confirmation text with a link to the booking screen. You’ll then be able to book a day and time slot that suits you. 

Once you have booked your appointment Verisure will send you a confirmation email.

What will happen before and during the installation?

  • The Verisure team will call you 2 days before your appointment. This is to make sure that the date you chose still works for you. If it doesn't, then we can get you rescheduled.
  • The day before the installation you'll get an SMS and email with the 2-hour slot the engineer will arrive in. You'll also get a link so you can check the location of the engineer in real-time.
  • There’ll be a short assessment of your home to find the best places to install the devices that come with your plan.
  • Cameras are attached to surfaces on your property with small screws. This means a small amount of drilling.
  • The engineer will take around 2 hours to install your devices and another 30 minutes to set you up on the Verisure app.

How do I change my installation appointment?

If you need change the day or time of the booking, give us a call on 02033 181 770.

Managing your service

I don’t want the internal camera on all the time - can I switch it off?

It cannot be turned off. This does not affect your privacy because the monitoring team can only access the footage if the alarm is triggered.

Who has access to my cameras and video recordings?

The Alarm Receiving Centre have access to live video, audio and still images from your cameras for a maximum of 40 seconds. This is only if they need to verify what is happening if an alarm is triggered. 

Police and Prosecution Authorities may require Verisure to disclose images and audio in connection with a criminal investigation or prosecution.

Are my videos, images and audio recordings saved anywhere?

If there's a false alarm, the images and audio will be stored on Verisure’s secure servers. After a period of 4 years, they’ll be deleted automatically.

Can I use Alexa or my smart TV to manage my new security system?

No, this is not currently possible.

Fix a problem

I’ve forgotten my Verisure password, how do I reset it?

You can reset it on the app itself or you can do it over the phone by calling 0330 123 1105.

What happens if my broadband goes down?

If there’s ever an issue with your broadband, EE’s mobile network is ready and waiting. It means your alarm system and smart devices will always stay switched on when you want them to. You’ll always be connected.

Some of my devices don’t seem to be working. What do I do?

Call 0330 123 1105 and we can get you talking to the experts.

The installation engineer hasn’t turned up at the time they said they would. What should I do?

Call 02033 181 770 so we can help you find out what has happened.

Changing your plan

How can I check what’s in the plan that I purchased?

  1. Register or log in to the EE App
  2. Your home security plan details will appear on the dashboard below your notifications

Can I change my plan?

If you change your mind before the system is installed or while you're within your 14-day cooling-off period, you can cancel or change your plan. You can't change your plan after our installation experts have  installed the system and the 14-day cooling-off period has expired.

Can I buy extra equipment?

This is not currently possible but we’re confident that one of our five plans will suit your needs.

How do I purchase home security for someone else?

You cannot currently purchase the system for anyone else. You can only buy it for the address that you live in.

How do I change ownership?

Give us a call on 150 if you need to change ownership of your home security system.

What happens when my contract is up? 

We’ll contact you near your contract renewal date, there is no need to recontract.

I’m separating from my partner. How do I remove privileges for my ex?

You can call us on 150 and we can check the access with you and change it if needed.

Moving home mobile

If I move, can I take my Home Security with me?

Moving your home security is simple. And best of all, it’s free. Give us a call at least three weeks before your move and we’ll take care of the rest.

To arrange your home move:

  • Call 150 from your EE phone
  • Or 0330 123 1105 from any other phone

We'll need to know:

  • your current full address
  • the full address of your new home
  • your moving date

Moving home broadband

If I move, can I take my Home Security with me?

Moving your home security is simple. And best of all, it’s free. Give us a call at least three weeks before your move and we’ll take care of the rest.

To arrange your home move:

  • Call 150 from your EE phone
  • Or 0330 123 1105 from any other phone

We'll need to know:

  • your current full address
  • the full address of your new home
  • your moving date

Leaving EE

Can I cancel my plan?

We don’t offer a change-of-mind policy but if you’re experiencing issues then you can cancel your plan within 14 days of it being installed.

Please make sure:

  • the devices you’re returning are in as-new condition
  • nothing is missing

How do I cancel my plan?

Call us on 0330 123 1105 and our customer advisors will support you through your query. Once you’ve confirmed the cancellation an engineer will come to your home and uninstall the system at a time and date that suits you.

Can I get a refund if I cancel?

You’ve got 14 days to return your purchases to us after your contract starts and if you cancel your contract, you’ll be charged the 14 days it was in use but refunded the remaining amount for the month.


How will I pay for my new security plan?

The payments will be added to your existing mobile or broadband bill. You’ll be asked which phone account in case you have more than one with us.  

When do I start paying for my new service?

You start paying for your home security from the date of your installation. You’re charged a month in advance on this date.

The first bill that you get will also include any one-off payments. 

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