The environment

We care about the environment and actively manage our impact on it

How we're minimising our impact

    Our purpose is to use the power of communications to make a better world. In the environmental space we aim to achieve this by: 

    1. Reducing the impact of our operations, supply chain and customer solution
    2. Helping our customers reduce their own environmental impact

    If we expect our customers, suppliers and partners to reduce their impact on the environment, we need to practice what we preach.

    With this in mind, as part of BT we’ve set ourselves a new 2030 target for creating less waste, cutting carbon emissions and increasing fuel efficiency. To find out more about these targets and how we’re doing, have a look at our Delivering our Purpose report.

    We also have a Safety and Sustainability policy, which you can download on the right. This policy ensures we work safely, protect the wellbeing of others and look after the environment too.

    To help our customers reduce their environmental impact, we’ve improved our phone recycling offer.

    The scheme has been a great success: since 2011, 447,394 phones have been recycled.

    We continue to look to minimise the size of handset packaging. We've been successful in reducing the packaging of our latest mobile broadband devices, with a 27% reduction on our 4GEE WiFi Standard when compared to the previous version.

    How we’re getting better


    • finding new ways to cut the amount of energy we’re using in our networks and equipment
    • controlling how much energy we’re using in our offices
    • using more renewable energy
    • looking at how much fuel we use in our vehicles
    • encouraging our drivers to adopt more efficient driving techniques
    • cutting down on business travel

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    Building a responsible business

    Our supply chain

    We’re committed to working with responsible suppliers, and we strive to go beyond the basics.

    Our communities

    The communities where we operate are supported by our people and our business.

    Getting connected

    We're doing all we can to help everyone in the UK get online and make the most of being connected.