Helping you hear

Get help with alternative communication if you're hearing-impaired

Next Generation Text Relay

The Next Generation Text Service has now replaced the original Text Relay Service.  If you struggle to hear or speak on the phone, The Next Generation Text (NGT) Service and NGT Lite App ( can really help.

If it's hearing on the phone that you have difficulty with, a relay assistant will type what the other person is saying, so that you can read their words in real time. And if you have difficulty speaking on the phone, a relay assistant will speak the words you type, so the other person can hear your words in real time.

The Text Relay service available on an EE Plan allows access via the official NGT Lite App.  It provides a better customer experience and the ability to call more destinations than current T-Mobile or Orange Plans. It offers access to a number of important short codes (e.g. 101, 111, 112, 195, 999) as well as geographic, non-geographic, premium rate and International destinations.  A full list of destinations and pricing can be found here.

The free NGT Lite App works with compatible smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs which means you can use NGT wherever you can get an internet connection. You can also still use a textphone for NGT (as you could with the old Text Relay service). Find out more on the NGT website where you’ll find easy-to-follow videos and instructions on using the service.

To contact us directly using either the new Next Generation Text Service or the original Text Relay Service dial 18001 in front of one of the following long dial numbers:

EE all customers - 07953 966 250
Orange pay as you go customers - 07973 100 450
Orange pay monthly customers - 07973 100 150  
T-Mobile all customers - 07953 966 150

Please note: The Text Relay service is not available on Orange PAYG. If you’re an Orange PAYG customer you should instead use the Text Relay Assist service (0870 240 9598 - text) or (0870 240 5152 – call) where the Text Relay assistant will connect you to your required destination (excluding premium rate and International calls).  Calls to this number will be automatically credited on your next bill.

T-Mobile: Calls to 03 Numbers, non-geographical numbers such as 084 and 087, premium rate numbers and 118 via the text relay service are not available on T-Mobile.

Mobile phones offer a great way of keeping in touch with your friends and family if you're deaf or hard of hearing. On most phones you can adjust both the speaker and the ringtone volume. But there's a lot more you can do to make communicating easier than just getting your phone to shout at you:

It's best to choose a phone which has a strong vibration alert and/or a screen that flashes when the phone rings.

Most phones can send text messages but getting a phone that can also send photo messages is always useful: a picture can say so much... so you don't have to

You can use your phone along with an induction loop to boost the sound signal to your hearing aid. Induction loops are used in lots of public buildings like railway stations, courts and concert halls.

You can also use text phone services to discuss your needs with us. Text phones either have a keyboard built in or let you link up to one, making it so much easier to type your conversations with all your fingers (rather than just two thumbs). Contact us by dialling 0870 240 9598 from your text phone and asking to be connected to 0800 079 2000

The Extra Help section below might also be useful: it provides information on free directory enquiries, bills and contact details

Choosing the right phone

When looking for a phone it's therefore worth checking whether it has the following features:

A vibrating alert or a flashing light on the screen - so you can feel or see when someone's calling you

Haptic feedback - so when you press any key the phone vibrates so you don't accidentally call someone

Volume control - so the other person is loud enough

Ability to change the ringtone - so you can choose one that you can hear

Hearing loop - so your phone calls can be transmitted to a hearing aid

Video calling - many smartphones now support video calls so you can use things like iPhone Facetime to see people as you chat

Access to the internet - so you can view all the amazing content that the web offers, while you're on the go

We've also launched EE phone simulators which let you explore the phone online and learn about its capabilities. You can try out the iPhone 5, HTC One XL and Samsung Galaxy S III 4G. The simulators are like having an expert in the room to show you how to use all the phone's great features.

The GARI (Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative) website could also help you to find a device with the accessibility feature that works best for you.

Please note that not all devices on the GARI website will be available on EE.

Choosing the right plan

We can help you find a plan that'll suit the way you use your phone - and your pocket. If you find it easier to text rather than talk, we offer pay as you go and pay monthly plans that give great value on texts. Customers using text relay can also ask to subscribe to our special text relay tariff, which offers a 60% discount on your line rental.

Get the latest technology

EE, Orange and T-Mobile all have High Definition (HD) Voice. It's exciting stuff. HD Voice offers crystal clear, superior sound quality and is available on HD Voice handsets

There are also some excellent phone-friendly products that enhance sound and reduce interference for sale at the Action on Hearing Loss shop.