Add to Plan

The best tech without paying all in one go

As smartphones dominated the mobile landscape, they spawned a new category of companion products - VR headsets, Bluetooth headphones, wireless chargers, fitness trackers and Smart Home devices. The cost of these products is often more than customers typically look to pay in one go, so EE created Add To Plan - an interest free way to spread the cost via their monthly bill.

Add to Plan is unique in the UK market. When device partners launch a new handset and companion product, EE works with them to build it into customer journeys, enabling affordable bundles to be purchased. The combination of a 'must-have' new gadget and an easy and affordable payment method enables EE to drive more traction for partner products.

Add To Plan is a great example of EE innovation supporting growth for partners by offering customers an affordable and convenient way to pay for the best new tech. So far we’ve hardly scratched the surface of this opportunity and continue to work with partners to bring new offers to market. We’re always looking for great new additions to the range.

Marc Allera – CEO, Consumer

Great for customers and partners

Add To Plan has grown rapidly into a multi-million pound proposition and continues to build momentum. Customers love the range of products on offer, along with the accessibility and convenience of adding companion products to their mobile bill.

The ability to target the proposition based on customer need and affordability is also compelling for partners, enabling both small scale trials and high volume executions.

Millions of incremental targeted sales opportunities

#1 in market for premium wireless headphones

400% increase in companion product basket value

Accessories marketing and distribution

Make your accessories accessible and affordable

Whether it’s screen protectors, cases, headphones or smart home devices, you can get the upper hand in a competitive market and grow your business using the experience and reach of the UK’s largest network provider.

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