Apple Watch

A seamless experience with the world’s most famous smartwatch

In September 2017, Apple announced Apple Watch Series 3 with 4G connectivity - the first mass-market connected smartwatch, with UK network connectivity exclusively provided by EE.

By working closely with Apple from planning through to execution, we were able to deliver the experience they envisioned for customers with our powerful and far-reaching 4G network.

EE and Apple - key partners

A premium product deserves a premium partnership. That’s why our team worked with Apple to deliver three key areas: Technology build, Go-to-Market plans and Frontline Channel/Customer Service readiness.

As part of this, we needed to ensure that the ‘one number’ cellular connectivity worked correctly and consistently over our network – a complex task that required careful planning, testing and finesse. Following this, we set our go-to-market plan in motion, shaping the creative plan and messaging, which included a TV ad featuring Kevin Bacon taking a call on his Apple Watch. Finally, we ensured that all of our frontline sales and customer service employees were fully trained and ready to launch it all to millions of our customers.

Double-digit over-performance vs original business case

#1 carrier for Apple Watch in Europe; #2 globally

94% of customers surveyed would recommend Apple Watch on EE

Device partnerships

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As a leading provider of smartphones, tablets, wearables, fixed and mobile broadband, we work with the biggest and best global partners to bring new products to our customers, selling millions of devices every year.

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