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With 30% of the UK market share for smartphone and #1 for Android devices, Samsung has a strong history with EE, who have been a valuable partner in their growth over the past 10 years.

We work in close partnership with Samsung selling a range of Samsung smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and accessory products. Our joint challenge has been to move the relationship from one focused on trading and volume growth to a truly aligned, strategic partnership with mutually agreed goals and a shared business plan.

Working with Samsung has become so much more than buying and selling mobile phones. A switch in mentality from day-to-day trading to a longer-term, strategic vision is continually opening more doors and more opportunities to optimise our two businesses' relationship. We recognise each other’s core strategic and commercial objectives and show clear and strong alignment.

Marc Allera – CEO, Consumer

Record-breaking growth

As the only UK operator to have a Joint Business Plan with Samsung, we have both reached some significant milestones together, delivering three years of consecutive record-breaking growth. Product launches and promotions are handled in tandem with longer-term strategic initiatives.

The plans focus on sales, service and innovation, with the ultimate objective to ensure EE customers receive the best experience using Samsung products and services on the EE network. So far the partnership has delivered record levels of revenue and flagship sales volumes. But the plan goes beyond just mobile – this is about Samsung’s entire ecosystem of devices, working best on EE’s truly converged offering, with initiatives going live in 2018 across Mobile, Broadband and TV.

Significant YoY Gross Revenue growth for Samsung within EE

#1 UK Operator for Samsung Premium smartphone connections

3 year collaborative plan with mutually beneficial goals embedded across both businesses

Device partnerships

The best technology on the best network

As a leading provider of smartphones, tablets, wearables, fixed and mobile broadband, we work with the biggest and best global partners to bring new products to our customers, selling millions of devices every year.

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Combining the UK’s biggest mobile network with a global digital powerhouse.

Apple Music

An exclusive deal to bring 6 months of free Apple Music to all EE PAYM customers.

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