A magnificent seven

We’ve been awarded the UK’s no. 1 network for seven years in a row. Just another reason why we’re the envy of every other network.

We're the no.1 network for 5G

We’ve been the UK’s no.1 network seven years in a row. And now we’ve just been awarded no.1 for 5G, too.

No other network gives you 5G in more places. We’ve already rolled out 5G in 112 cities and towns,  and we’re bringing it to even more of the UK this year, so more and more people can enjoy a reliable service in busy places, speeds like you’ve never seen before and a near-instant connection to the content you love.

You’re either on EE, or you have network envy. And that feeling’s only going to get stronger.

Why we've got the UK's no.1 network

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The fastest network in the UK

We have the fastest speeds in the UK according to RootMetrics testing conducted during the first half of 2020.

We have the fastest speeds in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and recorded the fastest UK-wide speed of 42.6Mbps with Vodafone recording the second fastest at 19.0Mbps. We have also recorded the highest 5G median download speeds across the UK of 134.7Mbps.

Did you know, it takes just under 37 seconds to download a 600MB movie using our 5G network!

The most 5G network coverage

We have 5G in more places than any other network in the UK and are rolling out our 5G network faster than anyone else.

We are proud of our rollout programme and our priority is to ensure we rollout to the places that matter most to our customers.

The best overall network in the UK

RootMetrics conducted over 500,000 tests across the UK during the first half of 2020, including testing in 750 different places and 16 major metropolitan areas.

The results concluded that EE is the UK’s no.1 Network for the seventh year in a row and has the UK’s no.1 5G network over any other major UK network.

The most time spent on the 5G network

More time was spent on EE's 5G network than on any other network according to RootMetrics testing conducted during the first half of 2020.

Time on 5G is defined as the percentage of data tests conducted entirely on a 5G network during RootMetrics testing of the UK. EE had the most time spent on 5G with 25% of all data tests being conducted over the 5G Network. Vodafone recorded the second highest time on 5G with 5%.

EE's significant lead in time on 5G is down to our significant 5G coverage advantage over competitors.

“EE remains the operator to beat, with fast speeds, and excellent reliability” RootMetrics, 2020

Rootmetrics tested the performance of all four major UK networks during the first half of 2020.

They conducted over 500,000 tests across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The results show we were undefeated in 25 out of 28 nation-level awards, including all awards in England and Scotland, had the fastest speeds and came out top in major metropolitan areas.

RootMetrics found that EE led the way for speed, outstanding reliability and 5G coverage.

We're the UK's no.1 network

UK's no.1 overall network

UK's no.1 5G network

UK's most reliable network

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