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Discount for employees of our corporate customers

Welcome to the EE Perk Portal

Access your EE Perk discount codes via the EE Perk Portal. Click below to Log in or Register using your company email address or company id card.

If you are unable to log in, please check with company HR or benefits team to see if your company is registered for access to the Perk Portal.

Existing customer?

Now that you have your discount code, if you’re an existing EE customer and looking to upgrade, log into MYEE to check your eligibility and choose your upgrade deal.

Please note: You can also use your discount code when you're upgrading in any EE store or by calling 150.

Restrictions apply*

New to EE?

If you're new to EE, click here to browse the latest offers phones, SIM plans, tablets and mobile broadband, and enter your discount code in the basket when you see 'Got A Voucher'.
Please note: You can also use your discount code when you're joining EE in any EE store.
Restrictions apply*

Your company & EE: better together

Take advantage of a fantastic 20% discount off the monthly line rental for all devices and mobile broadband products with a minimum 12 month plan.

This offer is available online, in-store and by calling 150 to employees purchasing a new contract or those who are upgrade eligible, and can be extended to up to four friends and family members. For more information read our FAQs or visit our Help page.

Want to keep your old number? No problem! Moving to EE from another provider is simple, as we'll take care of transferring your old number for you.

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Six free months of Apple Music

For new and upgrading customers

We're the only UK network offering Apple Music as part of our plans. You get ad-free access to 60 million songs to download and listen to wherever you are.

Not sure if your company is signed up yet?

If your employer is signed up to EE Perk, your Benefits or HR team will be aware of the scheme. Please contact the relevant team within your organisation.

The legal bit

The monthly price shown, add-ons and all out of bundle charges will increase on or after 31st March every year by the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation published in January that year, plus 3.9%. See ee.co.uk/increase for details. Please note the cost of other services you take from us may increase or decrease while you're an EE customer.

If you’re employed directly by an EE Corporate customer or EE approved partner with a current employee number and access to the ee.co.uk site, you could get a 20% discount on selected pay monthly price plans from EE.

The discount can only be used by eligible employees and up to four members of your friends and family or, if you do not use it for yourself, up to five members of your friends and family. The discount is only available online from EE, or via EE retail stores and telesales teams.

Eligibility: To be eligible, you must be an employee of an EE Corporate customer or an EE approved partner. You, or members of your family and friends, must either:

  1. join EE as a new customer on a consumer pay monthly phone, eligible SIM only or mobile broadband plan with a minimum term of at least 12 months via ee.co.uk; or
  2. be an upgrade eligible existing EE customer on a consumer pay monthly phone, eligible SIM only or mobile broadband plan with a minimum term of at least 12 months, and upgrade to a new consumer pay monthly handset, SIM only or mobile broadband plan with a minimum term of at least 12 months via ee.co.uk. If you currently have a phone plan you cannot upgrade to a SIM only plan and get this discount.

The discount will only be applied if you use the code that we supply and you sign up via the website ee.co.uk.

Eligible employees and your friends and family may obtain the discount on up to five EE price plans in total.

The discount: The 20% discount will only apply to the price plan’s monthly recurring charge and will last for the duration of your minimum term. At the end of your minimum term, your price plan’s monthly recurring charge will revert to the usual pre-discount price, unless you upgrade again using a new EE Perk code.

Non-eligible plans:  You cannot get the discount if you are on a 4GEE Max plan that includes an annual upgrade benefit. The discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount. It is not available with Family & Friends, 10% Multi-line, early upgrade discount or any wearable device.

In addition to these offer terms and conditions, you must also agree to the terms applicable to your chosen pay monthly price plan and EE’s network terms. These can be found on ee.co.uk/terms.