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Rent the latest titles from our Film Store and watch them on your phone, tablet or laptop.

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New titles every week

Rent a film from our Film Store - start it on your mobile, finish it on your tablet. Choose from the latest releases, Oscar winners, classics ...

2 for 1 cinema tickets and pizzas

The difficult part is who you're going to take, what you'll watch - and what you'll choose to eat at PizzaExpress.

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Choose from 16 brilliant channels including ITV and Cartoon Network with our Mobile TV add-on. Included with selected 4GEE plans and available to buy too.

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Rent from the Film Store, check listings, watch trailers and get your 2 for 1 code with the free EE film app. Search 'EE FILM' in your app store.

We'll cover the data

If you have a 4GEE plan we’ll cover any mobile data you use to stream and download films from the Film Store until 31 December 2014.  

99p Thursdays

Rent films for 99p in our Film Store - there's a new selection to choose from, updated every Thursday. This week, rent sci-fi drama Upstream Colour.

2 for 1 pizzas

We've teamed up with PizzaExpress to give you 2 for 1 pizzas every Wednesday - you even get 2 for 1 on their legendary doughballs.

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2 for 1 cinema tickets

Unsure which film to go and watch with 2 for 1* from EE this Wednesday? Read our guide to some of the hottest new releases. (*Text codes cost 35p.)

Mobile TV

Watch live TV on your phone - wherever you are. Choose from 16 channels. And with 4GEE, streaming live TV on your phone is a walk in the park.

Deezer mobile

Gives you access to millions of tracks to stream or listen to offline on your phone. Deezer comes as an inclusive add-on for certain EE plans.