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Deezer's editors find the best tunes for you

Check out the new Kelis album on Deezer.

Your phone: TV, games console & music player in one. Make the most of it.

Play HD and multiplayer games on the bus or in the park on superfast 4GEE.

Download & stream with Deezer.

New releases on Deezer include the new Eels album.

Play great games like Sonic Unleashed and The Dark Knight Rises.

It's play time

At EE, we love you to get the most from your phone and superfast 4GEE.

Choose from over 30 million tracks with Deezer - and stream or download them.

Or get two games a month and play them wherever you are.

And this summer we'll be rocking it out at Glastonbury with our Chill 'n' Charge tent and our WiFi tractor.

Add-ons from EE - Deezer and Game On

Add-ons included in your plan

If you joined EE on a pay monthly plan with unlimited minutes before March 26 2014, you get an inclusive add-on to enjoy.

Add-ons to buy

From March 26, 2014 inclusive add-ons are longer available for new EE plans. But you can still buy them quickly and easily.

How to get your add-ons

Go to EE's mobile website - - and use the Extras link. There you'll get all the info you need to get up and running.

Get the most out of Deezer

Your music everywhere

Those music mad Deezer editors explain how the service works. Watch the video now.

Music on your computer too

Get access to all your tracks on your computer as well by upgrading to Deezer Premium+

Recommended for you

Keep coming back to the Deezer homepage for recommendations based on what you listen to. 

Extending your battery life

You don't want your battery to die halfway through a song. Get tips to keep your phone going longer.

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