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Love a good film? Stream one every week for just £1 on

Simply text Film to 141 for your promo code, then go to to pick a film (texts cost 35p).

So whether you're in the mood for a timeless classic or a nerve-shredding thriller, EE Film Club is the place to go for your weekly movie fix.

EE Tickets

If it’s happening, it’s in EE Tickets – whether it’s music, comedy, sports or entertainment – we’ve got our finger on the pulse.

EE Tickets is easy to use and tailored specifically to you, so it only ever suggests events you’ll want to hear about. And buying tickets has never been simpler, with a load of offers and discounts available. Just one of the benefits of being an EE customer.

The Wembley app

Think of our app as your trusty Wembley companion. Use it to buy tickets, check out the view from your seat before you arrive and find the best way to the stadium with the handy travel planner. It's a real crowd pleaser.

The Wembley app is available for Apple or Android devices.

Glastonbury powered by 4GEE

EE helps to make the world’s greatest festival even better for you.

We’re the official technology and communications partner to Glastonbury Festival, with 4GEE on hand to keep you connected.