Five ways to set better work-life boundaries

Five ways to set better work-life boundaries


The new year means new priorities—and Marie Claire has some practical tips on how to balance your digital life

We've partnered with Marie Claire to create a series of articles designed to help you embrace connectivity and use tech for good.

A new year means new resolutions, and it’s no longer just about our physical health. Creating a healthier work-life balance is the perfect goal to set for 2024—because of the way it benefits both our mental health, and the time we have free to spend with friends and family. 

But with hybrid working at a high and a subsequent rise in bringing work home, it can be harder than ever to balance our work and personal lives. 

As we return to the grind this January, it’s time to set some positive boundaries, and take control of our digital lives—allowing us to work more efficiently and make time for what’s important. 

Thankfully, there are lots of new ways we can use tech for good—helping us to establish better boundaries and improve work-life balance.  

Here are five ways to set better work-life boundaries and bring balance to your digital life.

Power your productivity


Working smarter and more productively is key to a better work-life balance—allowing you to work as efficiently as you can and, crucially, to switch off on time with peace of mind. Barriers to productivity range from video buffering and slow speeds to network interruptions or even cyber threats. With EE’s new Smart Hub Plus there’s not only enhanced security features and fast, reliable speeds, but with WiFi Enhancer you can activate Work Mode in the EE app, allowing you to prioritise your connection and have your best ever work calls and project collaborations when you need them most.

Switch off at home


Allowing yourself to switch off from work at home is easier said than done, but it’s essential for setting boundaries and establishing a healthy routine. We’ve all been guilty of doing work emails in front of the TV or finishing a brief instead of enjoying some quality family time, and even minor administrative tasks can disrupt your daily work-life balance. That’s where EE’s WiFi Controls come in, allowing you to pause the WiFi, turn off individual devices and schedule some undisturbed wellbeing time.

EE Smart Hub

Make time for you


Setting boundaries is the ultimate form of self-care, and making time for you is vital for achieving a better work-life balance. It allows you to de-stress from the office, focus on your mental health, ease any stress and enhance your sleep. And in turn, it will actually make you more productive during your 9-5. EE has partnered with leading mental health brand Calm, offering consumers a 1-month free trial and discounted access to its science-backed tools and features. We’re talking movement exercises, breathwork and a host of mindful and meditation content—all designed to make time for you.

Calm mental health and wellbeing app

Prioritise your parenting


For parents, balancing your work and personal life is a whole lot tougher, and whether you’re working remotely or in the office, it’s hard not to be in full-time parental mode. Keeping your children safe online can be a full-time concern particularly when you’re not able to be there 24/7. Thankfully, EE’s WiFi tools give you full ownership over your network, with its parental and access controls allowing you to manage family life and settings even when you aren’t physically there. The features enable you to tailor parental controls by family members, setting age-appropriate filters and content blocks, not to mention spending caps. And by giving us some control (and peace of mind) over our children’s internet activity, it allows parents to live (and work) in the moment, without having our minds elsewhere.

Maximise your downtime


When you’re switching off from work, it’s vital that you maximise your downtime, making sure to unwind and relax your mind. This is made easier with the exciting range of Inclusive Extras on EE mobile—designed to entertain not just you but the whole family. We’re talking TNT Sports on discovery+, an Apple One bundle of Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and more. Plus, Entertainment Data Pass, offering endless streaming from Netflix, Spotify and Prime Video to name a few. And as well as Work Mode, EE’s WiFi Enhancer gives you Game Mode, which turbo charges your experience with features like geo-filtering and ping-optimiser. Enjoying your time off is crucial, and by leaning into your downtime, you will enhance not just your personal life but  your work life (and satisfaction), too.

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