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Get My EE

With My EE it’s super simple to check your remaining credit, top up, choose or change your pack, and even buy add-ons.

Topping up

There are a lot of ways you can top up.  The easiest one is with My EE. 


Packs give you an allowance of data, minutes and texts to use in the UK or while you are roaming in the EU.

Your pack will last for either seven or 30 days and a new one will start automatically, as long as you have enough credit to pay for it.

Free Boosts

Only EE gives you Free Boosts!

Each time you buy three 30 day packs or 12 seven day packs, you can add up to 500MB data, 50 minutes or 250 texts to all your future packs for free.

And it keeps getting better.

Every three months you add another Free Boost on top of ALL the others. So you keep adding more of the things that you want again and again and again.

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