A few (pretty awesome) things you might not know about EE...

18 July 2017

Some know us for our striking aqua posters. Others for being 4G pioneers. While many just think of Kevin Bacon dancing in red spandex. And those people are right; we are those things. But here at EE, we like to think there’s a little bit more to us than that – certainly more than just mobile phones!

Had you heard, for instance, that The Sunday Times rated us the 3rd best big company to work for in 2017? Did you know we created the world’s first selfie robot? Yes, you heard right – a selfie-taking robot! (But more about that later…)

And that’s just the start. Here are a few interesting things you might not know about the world of EE…

We work with the BIGGEST name in live music
We might be the new kids on the block in the mobile world – having just celebrated our 5th birthday – but we’re beyond our years when it comes to working the biggest and best names in entertainment!

Music lover? Then you’d be interested to know that we’re the official technology and communications partner for Glastonbury Festival. Each year, we take our free-to-all Recharge Tent and network masts down to Worthy Farm to supply revellers with enough battery and signal to film, snap and share their stories the entire weekend – from opening act to Sunday headliner. This has helped Glastonbury Festival become the most socially shared music event in the world. An immense 54 terabytes of data was used at this year’s festival – more than doubling 2016's usage. So unless you’re lucky enough to nab a ticket, best stay off Facebook for the last weekend every June to avoid that green-eyed monster.

We love films… and robots!
For all those cineastes out there, we’ve just celebrated our 20th consecutive year of sponsoring the BAFTA Awards*. And this year’s ceremony was a landmark for tech. Not only did we place a 360 degree camera on stage with our host, Stephen Fry, but this year’s BAFTAs saw a world’s first on the red carpet: EE’s selfie robot, Roboselfie.

Using photos tweeted by fans at home, Roboselfie snapped thousands of selfies with celebs at a rate of five per second. So some lucky fans managed to get a selfie with Spiderman himself – and winner of EE’s Rising Star Award – Tom Holland, from the comfort of their own homes. Pretty cool, right!?

EE and Wembley – the perfect match
EE and Wembley have been proud partners for over three years now. But this is so much more than a logo on the roof of a stadium. Here at EE, we are continually working on making Wembley the most connected stadium in the world. And boy are we making quick progress…

First, we’ve more than doubled the 3G and 4G capacity in the stadium; so whether you’re uploading selfies or agonising over that dubious penalty, you can save your shouting for the winning goal instead of wasting it on that buffer wheel. Wembley also now has the most technologically advanced stadium tour in the world. Using the EE SmartGuide, visitors can use 360 video and augmented reality to enhance their tour and relive key sporting and music moments from the iconic ground’s history. Taking your little ones along? Then get them involved in the big stadium excitement by having them program their own Wembley Arch light show. Okay, it won’t ever make it to the actual arch but it’s still a lot of fun! No special equipment needed either; just a smartphone and some creativity. Just head to Light the Arch and let them loose!

If you’re as football mad as we are, you’ll be pleased to know that EE customers have a chance to snap up tickets for every England game at Wembley before they go on sale to the general public. Simply sign up to stay ahead of the game.

Before we were aqua and yellow, we were Orange... and magenta!
Some of our longer-serving customers will know that EE wasn’t the start of our mobile adventure; just a new chapter. Before the Bacon and before the aqua, we were actually Orange… and magenta.

That’s right, EE was the result of a merger between Orange and T-Mobile. Taking the combined experience and knowledge of these two telecommunication giants, we set up EE with the ambitious aim to deliver our superfast 4G to 95% of UK landmass by 2020. And so far, we’re well on track to realising this vision. So whether that’s through signal boosting balloons or drones, we’re going above and beyond to turn ‘not spots’ into 4G ‘hotspots’.

At EE, we’re proud to say we have 4G in more places than any other UK network. But this is just the start for our customers.  take a look at all the added benefits we have on offer.

*15 years of which was during previous guises as Orange and Everything Everywhere.

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