Black Friday Special: Your guide to our hottest deals

24th November 2017

Black Friday may be the shopping event of the year, but let’s face it, there are few things less appealing than pitching a tent on the high street and setting your alarm for the crack of dawn. And that’s before the undignified tug-of-war with a stranger over a flat screen TV.

Well, how about doing Black Friday EE-style this year? Make yourself a brew, put your feet up and get some incredible tech bargains delivered straight to your door.

So whether you’re looking for a jaw-dropping Christmas gift, or want to treat yourself to something awesome, here’s your guide to EE’s hottest Black Friday deals.

1) Save £199.99 on the Samsung Galaxy S8

Yes, we really have slashed a whopping £199.99 off one of the most stunning smartphones on the market. The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a sleek, stylish design that’s both innovative and cutting-edge, with that epic 5.8” Quad HD+ Infinity display beautifully curved to cover every possible inch of the phone. It’s incredibly tough too, with the latest Corning Gorilla Glass 5 providing more than enough muscle to withstand those inevitable drops and scratches. Smartphones really don’t come much better than this.

Check out the Samsung Galaxy S8 Black Friday deal >

2) Save £100 on the iPhone 8 64GB

Desperate to get your mitts on the stunning new iPhone 8 but still a little unsure about splashing the cash? Well, a hefty £100 discount should help! The iPhone 8 is stuffed with mind-boggling new features that take smartphone design to the next level. Ditch those tangled cables with wireless charging. Get Digital SLR-quality photos with a beefy new 12MP camera. Say hello to the future with incredible augmented reality tech. And do it all 25% faster thanks to Apple’s super-powerful new A11 Bionic chip. Incredible, cutting-edge Apple magic at a bargain price.

Check out the iPhone 8 64G Black Friday deal >

3) Save £199.99 on the Google Pixel 2 64GB

The genius of Google stuffed into a beautiful-looking smartphone. With a sleek design and the kind of clever features you’d expect from Google; this dazzling handset is another formidable addition to the next generation of smartphones. Never delete a single photo again with Google Photos’ unlimited storage. Use Google Lens to search the web using just an image – perfect for when you spot that to-die-for handbag on the bus. And get Google Assistant to schedule meetings, set helpful reminders, book a cab and even make restaurant reservations – all with your voice. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. 

Check out the Google Pixel 2 64GB Black Friday deal >

4) Save £149.99 on iPhone SE 32GB

Want that 5-star iPhone experience without the higher-end prices? Or maybe you just long for the days when smartphones didn’t take up quite so much room in the bottom of your bag? Either way, the super-powerful iPhone SE could be your perfect match. Powered by the same beefy A9 chip you’ll find in the iPhone 6s, at just 4” long the SE is perfect for slipping into your pocket – even if it’s crammed with all the cash you’ve saved. It also comes with a brilliant 12MP camera, advanced Touch ID fingerprint security, and is available in five eye-catching colours.

Check out the iPhone SE 32GB Black Friday deal >

5) 20GB SIM Only deal for £19.99

Black Friday bargains aren’t just for Apple-obsessed technophiles desperate to keep up with the latest gadgets, you know? Maybe you’ve already got your dream phone and you’re after an epic SIM Only deal? Well, how about this: we’ll give you a whopping 20GB of data a month for just £19.99. That’s more than enough data to keep you streaming your favourite movies, sharing selfies on Snapchat and having a good old gossip on WhatsApp. And all for under £20 a month!

Check out the 20GB SIM Only Black Friday deal >

6) Totally unlimited data with Home Broadband plans

If you’re looking to switch your Home Broadband, there’s never been a better time than Black Friday. Sign up for superfast EE Home Broadband and you’ll get totally unlimited data. Which means you can hammer those Netflix binges and stream tunes on Apple Music without worrying about boring old data limits. But that’s not all; we’ll also scrap our usual connection fees, meaning you get the fastest speeds at a better price than ever!

Check out the Home Broadband Black Friday deal >

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