EE STUDENT OFFER: 5 (much better) things you could do with the money you save…

6 July 2017

Rent, food, bills, transport – there’s definitely more exciting ways to splash your cash. But the truth is, there are some things in life we simply have to spend money on. After all, while paying bills is a drag, being able to shower occasionally is pretty useful, right? And getting the bus into uni is WAY better than walking! Especially on those frosty winter mornings.

But it all costs money – and really, it’s money we’d much rather spend on other things. Things that aren’t so... boring. And that’s where we come in. While owning a smartphone is a must these days, paying your monthly bill probably isn’t the highlight of your life. Which is why we’ve partnered up with UNiDAYS to introduce our brand new student offer.

As a student on EE, we’ll give you 20% off selected phone or SIM plans AND an extra 500MB of data per month – whether you’re a new customer or an existing customer eligible for an upgrade. That’s right, it really is that simple! And if you’re a student on EE already but aren’t eligible for an upgrade just yet, don’t worry – we’ve got your back. In the meantime, we’ll give you a data safety net of 500MB every month, totally for free. And when it’s time to upgrade, you can claim 20% off your next phone plan too!

So what does 20% off actually look like on EE?

Well, there’s a whole host of great smartphones to choose from – but with the iPhone 7 32GB, for instance, you could save over £300 over the plan period through your student discount*. Yep, that’s £300-odd you could spend on anything you like. If you’re stuck for ideas, here’s what you could do with all that extra cash you’ll save…

You could… have an epic day out at a theme park (or three!)
For all you thrill-seekers, spending your money on theme park rides – rather than on your phone contract – is definitely a smarter move! Here’s the way we see things: a day-pass at Thorpe Park costs £51.50. It’s £52.80 at Alton Towers and £49 at Chessington World of Adventures. With the money you save as a student on EE, you could go to ALL THREE and still have £149.10 leftover for petrol, lunch and souvenirs. It’s a no-brainer, really!

You could… buy LOADS of food!
That’s right – real, actual food. And a pretty healthy serving too! According to a recent survey by Paymentsense, the average Briton spends roughly £10.41 each time they order a takeaway. So whether you fancy Chinese, pizza, or curry, that’s 29 takeaways – on us! If you’re savvy, though, you could feed yourself for a good few months with that sort of budget. Basically, you won’t go hungry for a long time!

You could… go on a massive fitness binge
If fitness is your thing, EE’s student offer could go a long way to maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. There are gyms out there that cost as little as £11.99 a month, which means that with your newfound savings, you could be hitting those treadmills for over two years for free! And if you want to take things to new levels, there’s a whole host of cool fitness wearables to help you on your way. Along with a paid-for gym membership, you could pick up the Samsung Gear Fit2 to count calories, measure your steps every day and generally record all your progress. And it looks pretty slick, too.

You could… take up some evening classes
They say we should broaden our horizons, and with that extra cash in your pocket being on EE, you really could. Evening classes are always a good place to start. You could become a master cupcake baker. Or learn a new language. Or become an expert in making your own jewellery. You could even take a class in keeping chickens and bees (yep, that actually exists).

You could… get all virtual
The world is steadily going virtual and through EE’s student discount, you could be too. With VR headsets such as Google’s Daydream View and Samsung’s Gear VR hugely raising the bar, virtual reality has never been so… real! And you won’t be short of home entertainment options with either headset. The Gear VR boasts 600-odd apps, over 1,500 premium movies and loads of epic games to get stuck into. So if you’re looking for a way to spend your EE student discount, why not virtually kayak down a waterfall, explore some Palaeolithic caves or stand on the edge of a volcano – all in the same evening!?

Whether you want to explore the virtual world or the real one, find out more about EE’s new student offer. And remember, with EE you won’t just save money – you’ll get 4G in more places than any other UK network.  So, what are you waiting for?!

*Claim based on a 24 month 4GEE plan with a 40GB data allowance costing £62.99/month. Saving compares the total monthly recurring charges payable for EE customers and the total monthly recurring charges payable for EE customers eligible for a student discount. Upfront handset charges may apply. Data valid as of 06 July 2017. 

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