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We've changed the way we calculated the increase to your monthly T-Mobile plan which took effect in May 2013. This means that we're reducing the increase by 0.1%. From November onwards the monthly cost of your plan will be a few pence lower.

We've backdated this saving for you, so you'll see a small credit on your bill for the period May to November 2013.

To give you an idea of what this will mean for you we've included some examples below;

 If your (Ex VAT) monthly price plan is The monthly reduction on your price plan cost will be Credit Value
 £10.00 £0.01 £0.06
 £20.00 £0.02 £0.12
 £50.00 £0.05 £0.30


How will the one-credit appear on my bill?

The credit will appear on your bill as a 'Line Rental Credit'.

How will the monthly reduction appear on My EE?

The reduction will appear as a 'Billing Rounding Adjustment'.

How long with the reduction last?

The reduction will remain on your account until you change or upgrade your price plan.

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