Security advice for your phone

Since we all use our phones for email, banking and shopping, keeping your personal details secure is absolutely vital.

Keeping your device secure

  • make sure you've locked your phone with a PIN – if you lose your phone, it's protected
  • make sure you activate SIM PIN and change your PIN to something memorable. This stops your EE SIM being used in another device if it gets stolen
  • if your phone gets lost or stolen, change all the passwords for the services you use on it, especially your email social networks and mobile banking
  • don't reply to emails or texts from people you don't know
  • turn off your WiFi if you're in a public area and you're not using it

Making an emergency call

You can make an emergency call even if your phone is disabled.

Press the button at the bottom of the screen to get to the keypad.

Security help

For more on how you can protect yourself from crime and other dangers, check these websites:

  • CheckMEND – before you buy a phone in the UK, you can check that it's not stolen
  • Immobilise – this site will help police return your phone if it's stolen
  • Action Fraud UK – use this if you believe you've been sold a phone as a result of a crime or fraud

If your phone is disabled

If your phone shows the message: "This phone has been disabled by EE…" then this phone has been reported as having been obtained by fraud. That means you won't be able to make calls or access data on the phone.

If you can’t get a refund or replacement from the seller, you can ask us to investigate. We'll ask you to provide details about how you bought the phone and respond within five business days. Only EE can re-enable the phone.

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