How do I check and use my voicemail?

Find out about how to use voicemail on EE devices whether you're setting voicemail up for the first time or want to know about securing your voicemail inbox.

How do I access my voicemail?

To access your voicemail:

  • press and hold 1
  • if you're calling from another phone, dial 07953 222 222 (UK) or +44 7953 222 222 (abroad)
  • you'll need to have set up and be ready to enter your voicemail PIN to listen to your voicemail messages from another phone

You can also let your friends and family know they've called the right number by setting a voicemail greeting. From the voicemail main menu, select option 2.

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You can get help and find out more about voicemail on your specific device in our Phones & Devices section

How do I turn my voicemail on and off?

Call diverts allow callers to leave voicemail messages if you don’t answer. They’re set up as standard but if people can’t leave you voicemails you might need to turn them on:

  • text VM ON to 150

If you're still having issues after this, call us on 150 and select technical support.

To switch off your voicemail diverts off:

  • text VM OFF to 150

Voicemail messages are free within the EU but outside the EU there may be a charge. If you don't want to be charged for voicemails while you're abroad you can switch your voicemail diverts off. This will mean that anyone who calls you won't be able to leave a voicemail message.

Find out more about charges while abroad

When you're back in the UK, you’ll need to turn voicemail diverts back on so people can leave you voicemail messages again.

How do I set up security on my voicemail?

Once your voicemail is set up, you should add a security PIN to protect it and allow you to pick up all your messages from any phone. Additionally some roaming partners may require you to have a voicemail PIN to access your messages from abroad.

It’s good to set up your voicemail PIN as soon as you get your device or SIM card.

To make your PIN secure:

  • don't have fewer than four numbers, or more than ten
  • don't use only repetitive numbers e.g. 1111
  • don't use only sequential numbers e.g. 1234 or 4321
  • don't have it be the same as your mobile number, or your mobile number without the first zero, or the last six digits of your mobile number
  • don't use 2580 or 1210 (these have been used as default PINs)

We also recommend you:

  • don't use your date of birth as your PIN
  • don't tell anyone your PIN - if you think someone knows it, change it
  • change your PIN on a regular basis
  • don’t write your PIN down

If you decide to change your PIN, the new number must be different to the old one.

To set your PIN for accessing voicemail from another phone:

  • call your voicemail (press and hold 1)
  • skip to the main menu by pressing *
  • select option 3 – settings and features menu
  • select option 3 – change your PIN
  • enter a new PIN, then press # to save

For additional security, it's also possible to require the entry of your PIN every time you access your voicemail, either from another phone or from your device itself.

To require a PIN when accessing voicemail from any phone:

  • call your voicemail (press and hold 1)
  • skip to the main menu by pressing *
  • select option 3 – settings and features menu
  • if the option to enter a PIN every time you enter your voicemail is switched off, you'll be asked to press 2 to activate it

To be sent a text message when someone accesses your voicemail:

  • call your voicemail (press and hold 1)
  • skip to the main menu by pressing *
  • select option 3 – settings and features menu
  • listen to option 4
  • if your remote access alerts are off, select option 4 to turn them on

What is visual voicemail?

With Visual Voicemail you can view and manage your voicemail messages on your iPhone. Visual Voicemail will show you who the messages are from, including the number, approximate location, date left, and length of the message. 

Learn more about Visual Voicemail

Need to know

To activate Visual Voicemail, text IPHONE VISUAL to 150 and we'll text you back once its set up.

How do I use Call Return on my voicemail?

If the number’s been captured, Call Return will offer you the option to 'press hash to return the call'. This will allow you to quickly return a call by pressing #.

You don't need to worry about costs as Call Return calls are charged as a normal call within your inclusive minutes but it will appear on your bill as Call Return.

  • Call Return will only work if the incoming number has been captured so if the caller has withheld their number or is calling from a number that cannot be 'Call Returned', then you won't get the Call Return option
  • Call Return is available if you hear the option at the end of the message
  • if you press # during the message and the Call Return option isn’t available, then it’ll just be ignored and you won't be able to Call Return
  • Call Return will also work for international and premium numbers so long as they’re part of your price plan and features

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