How do I use 4G Calling?

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You’re probably using it already without realising – look for the 4G indicator at the top of your mobile's screen when you're on a call. You can use 4G Calling - also known as VoLTE - anywhere on the EE 4G network.

What benefits do I get with 4G Calling?

What benefits do I get with 4G Calling?

  1. Superfast speeds

    With 4G Calling, when you make or receive a call, your phone will stay on 4G. This means you can continue using data at faster speeds during a call and your internet connection will not slow down. Whilst talking to a friend on hands-free, you can use maps and other apps trouble free.

  2. Seamless switching

    You can move seamlessly between 4G Calling and WiFi Calling, even during a call, so you can stay connected in more places than ever before.

  3. Wider coverage 

    EE's 4G network now covers more than 85% of the UK - the leading coverage levels of any network - so you are able to make calls and use data in more places than you could before

    > Check 4G coverage where you are

  4. Clearer calls

    Calls over our 4G network are crystal clear between compatible phones.

Who can get 4G Calling?

Who can get 4G Calling?

To use 4G Calling you'll need to:


    be in an area with EE 4G coverage


    check you have a phone that supports 4G Calling by:


      • Looking for the 4G indicator at the top of your phone screen during a call

      • Checking the settings on your phone

      • Checking your phone's specifications using our device guides 

Please check when buying a phone from a non-EE retailer whether or not it supports 4G Calling, as we cannot guarantee phones purchased from third parties will support the feature

What about costs?

What about costs?

There's no additional cost for using 4G Calling – calls and texts are included as usual in any allowances or packs you have. 

Anything beyond your allowance is charged at standard rates.

Can I use 4G while abroad?

You can use 4G mobile internet while abroad. 4G Calling is not available yet, but you can still make calls using 3G and 2G networks.

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