How do I send a photo message and what will the cost be?

How does photo messaging work?

You can send messages with pictures, sounds and video just like you'd send a text message to another mobile.

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Photo messaging uses your data allowance but the cost per photo is always the same as larger files are compressed to 300KB or smaller.

How do I set up photo messaging on my phone?

For most phones, you can update your phone settings automatically with our online set-up tool.

If you can’t send a photo message to someone’s phone, you can send it to their email address.

Simply choose your photo and put in their email address in the To field instead of their phone number.

How much does it cost to send a photo message?

To check if photo messaging is included in your plan:

  1. log in to EE
  2. go to Buy add-ons – if photo messaging isn’t included here we’ll charge you at standard rates

How do I buy a photo messaging add-on?

Pay monthly customers can buy an add-on to use photo messaging:

  1. log in to EE
  2. go to Plan and add-ons
  3. click on Add-ons tab or Get more add-ons
  4. press + next to Picture messages
  5. click Get this add-on

When will I be charged for my photo messaging add-on?

As a pay monthly customer you'll pay for the add-on on your next bill and it’ll renew each month at the same time your monthly allowances are refreshed.

Need to know

Been charged for a photo message but haven't sent one? Find out why some text messages are converted to photo messages.

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