Can I use Powerline adaptors with EE TV?

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Powerline adaptors are great if your EE TV box and router are too far apart to get a good WiFi connection. With Powerline adaptors, you use the mains electric circuits of your house to carry the internet signal between the two adaptors.

You can use your own or get them from us

How to set up your Powerline adaptors

How to set up your Powerline adaptors

  1. 1

    connect one end of the Ethernet cable that came with your Powerline adaptors into a yellow socket on your router

  2. 2

    connect the other end to one of your Powerline adaptors

  3. 3

    plug the Powerline adaptor into a mains socket and switch on

  4. 4

    next, attach the other Ethernet cable to your EE TV and the second Powerline adaptor

  5. 5

    plug the Powerline adaptor into another mains socket and switch the socket on

  6. 6

    after a few seconds, the PWR (power) light will stop flashing and show as a continuous light

  7. 7

    press and hold the Pair button on one of the adaptors for more than one second and less than four seconds

  8. 8

    repeat the process with the second adaptor within two minutes

  9. 9

    the PLC indicator will blink first, then the light will turn off and show as a steady light

  10. 10

    your adaptors are now set up

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Last updated: 12/9/2018
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