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Want great telly at home or on your mobile? Here’s what you need to know.  

About the EE TV box

About the EE TV box

How much storage does the box have?  

1TB – that’s twice as much as you get with standard BT and
Virgin boxes. Store up to 600 hours of standard TV, or 300 hours of HD. EE TV’s
huge memory means there’s space for everyone’s stuff.

How many channels can I record at the same time if I’m using Replay?

You can record up to four channels, but if you’re using Replay (no matter how many channels you’ve selected) you can record up to two channels.



Can everybody get EE TV?  

You'll need to be an EE mobile and EE Broadband customer to get EE TV. You
can't use EE TV without these subscriptions.

I’ve already got an EE Broadband plan – can I add EE TV?

Yes, you'll be able to upgrade to a new 18-month plan with EE TV. You won't be able to downgrade your plan and the TV plan will supersede any offers you may have taken with your original plan.

Can I get it in where I live?

You'll need to live in an EE Broadband area with a download speed of at least 4Mbps.

Why is there a minimum speed requirement?

We want to ensure that everyone getting EE TV has a great experience. This is so you can get the most out of our catch-up and on-demand services.

Purchase, set-up and billing

Purchase, set-up and billing

Where can I get EE TV?

You can order online, in store or over the phone

Will an engineer need to visit my house?

No, EE TV is really easy to install by yourself. So unless you need a new line for your broadband you won’t need to wait around for an engineer.

Will EE TV show on the same bill as my broadband?

Yes, EE TV is part of your broadband plan so it will show on your EE Broadband bill. However, any additional content you buy will be billed to you from the content provider and won’t appear on your EE bill.

I have Sky – do I need a rooftop aerial?

Sky is normally delivered through an external satellite dish. EE TV cannot use this to receive signal or channels. So you’ll need a rooftop or loft aerial. An indoor aerial may work but may not be able to deliver all EE TV functions.

Can I run Sky and EE together?

Yes, but not through the same box. A Sky box and an EE TV box can both connect to a single TV if there are enough input ports (normally HDMI) on the TV.

Can I have the box delivered somewhere else?

For security reasons, the box needs to be delivered to your home address. However, on the day of delivery the courier will text you, allowing to change the delivery date if required.

What do I do if something is missing?

If something from the box is missing (e.g. a missing cable), get in touch.

What do all the new icons mean?

Find out more about all the icons for EE TV.

Why am I missing some Freeview channels?

We can’t guarantee which Freeview channels you’ll get – it depends on where you live. Not all regions or transmitters that cover a particular region will necessarily transmit the same channels.

> Check your Freeview coverage

> Check your channel availability

Can I watch EE TV on another telly at the same time as the main telly?

No, you can only watch EE TV on one TV screen but you can watch on up to three devices such as tablets and phones at the same time.

What should I do if my EE TV box is damaged accidentally?

It’s your responsibility to look after your EE TV box and we don’t provide accidental damage cover for it. If your box is
damaged you may incur charges for a replacement. If accidental damage does occur you should use your home contents insurance to arrange a replacement.

Scheduled recordings

Scheduled recordings

Can I delete or modify scheduled recordings on other devices (e.g. cancel a recording on Fred's
iPhone from Mary's Android tablet)?

You can modify standard recordings on the EE TV box set by anyone, but you can only amend Recordings To Go from the device that has set the recording.

If a standard scheduled recording on my EE TV box is cancelled by someone else, how will I know?

There’s no notification to the person who first set the recording – probably best if you tell them. Don’t forget, on EE TV you
can record up to four programmes at the same time.

Remote recordings

Remote recordings

Can I set a remote recording from my PC or someone else’s phone or a web browser of any kind?

No, only mobile devices that you've paired with your EE TV box.

If I set a remote record, how long will it take before my EE TV box at home receives the command?

This should take no longer than 15 minutes if you have a good network signal.



Can I access my personal profile on different devices?

The personal profile feature is unique to each device, you can’t ‘log in’ to it on multiple devices, but you can set it up on each device separately.

How do I rename the My TV section?

You can do this via the Tools & Help section on the EE TV app. Select Status > Settings and edit the 'Name of My TV' field.

How do I add programmes to the ‘my favourites' section?

Simply tap the star button in Programme Details in your app and it will add to your favourites.

How do I add channels to the My channels section?

Just open the EE TV app (or tap the Home button if you’re watching TV), select My Channels, find the channel you want and select.

General features

General features

How can I view my photos and videos on the big screen?

Open the EE TV app (or tap the Home button if you’re watching TV), select My Photos & Videos, find the picture or video you want to see on your TV screen and simply flick your finger over the screen to move to the big screen or select the Flick button.

Can I Flick anything onto the TV screen?

You can only use Flick on programmes you’re watching through the EE TV app, and any photos or videos on your device.

Can I Fetch any content onto my phone or tablet?

You can only use Fetch for live, recorded, replay or restarted TV on Free to view channels. It can’t be used with On Demand apps.

Why won’t the EE TV app let me Fetch HD content to my device?

Unfortunately, Android devices don’t currently support viewing Live content in HD, so you can’t Fetch this to your device. You can do it on iPhone or iPad, or for SD content.

What happens to the programme on TV when I Fetch it to my device?

The programme will continue as normal, so everyone in the room can carry on watching.

Programme guide

Programme guide

What channels can I see on the Programme Guide when I'm using the EE TV app?

The view is the same as on your EE TV box – all available Freeview channels.

How far in advance can I view programmes on the Programme Guide when I'm using the EE TV app?

You can see programmes up to seven days in advance, the same as the EE TV box view.

Can I schedule recordings via the EE TV app Programme Guide?

Yes, just select the programme you want and press record.

Can I access the Programme Guide on the EE TV app when I’m away from home?

Yes, so long as you have an internet connection.

Why can’t I see past programmes on the EE TV app Programme Guide when I’m out of the house?

This is because the Replay and Restart functions aren’t available when you're outside of your home, so there’s no need to see this content.

Can I see just the channels I’ve selected as favourites on the EE TV app Programme Guide?

Yes, just select My Channels at the bottom right. Or to see everything, select All Channels.

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Last updated: 21/12/2018
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