How can I fix problems with my EE TV remote control?

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Having problems with your EE TV, like turning it on or using the features? It could be caused by a problem with your remote.

The basics

The basics

EE TV Remote Control

  1. try pointing your remote directly at your EE TV box

  2. try moving closer to your EE TV

  3. check for obstructions between your remote and EE TV, for example a glass panel or cupboard

  4. turn off any electrical sources of interference as a test – devices in power-saving mode and neon lights can cause issues

  5. when you press the power button, check the LED on your remote flickers – if not, try replacing your batteries

Check your EE TV isn't in eco mode (deep sleep)

To help save energy, your EE TV has an eco mode. When you're not using your box, it goes into a deep sleep and the light on the front turns off. To wake it up, press Standby on your remote control and wait. After a minute or so, your EE TV should come back to life.

Eco mode might also cause problems if you use our EE TV app as a remote control. You'll need to wake it up before you can use the app as a remote control, watch Live TV or Recordings and Replay content.

To stop your EE TV box going into eco mode:

  1. 1


  2. 2

    check the EE TV app user box

Try rebooting your EE TV and TV set

Rebooting your EE TV and TV set fixes many problems. To do this:

  1. 1

    unplug your EE TV box and TV set

  2. 2

    wait 30 seconds

  3. 3

    plug them back in and wait for them to restart

  4. 4

    try using your remote again

Reset EE TV

> See how to restore EE TV default settings.  

Broken or lost your EE TV remote control?

> Buy a replacement remote

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