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EE TV Sub menu icon  Sub menu - Press this to open more menus. You'll find options to sort programmes, and on your phone it shows the Search, Fetch, Companion and Remote buttons.

EE TV Info icon     Info - Get a description of the programme you're watching, and see more information about your programme.

 EE TV Programme setup icon     Programme setup  - Turn on subtitles and select an audio track (when available).

EE TV Flick to TV icon      Flick to TV  -  Send a programme you're watching on your EE TV app to your TV.

EE TV Fetch from TV icon      Fetch from  TV  -  Send a programme you're watching on your TV to your EE TV app.

EE TV Restart icon  Restart – When a programme displays the RESTART icon, you can automatically restart it from the beginning. This is available on your selected Replay channels.

Twitter logo  Twitter - Shows when a programme is trending

EE TV Delete icon     Delete -  Delete text or recordings.

EE TV Cancel reminder icon      Cancel reminder

EE TV Favourite icon       Favourite

EE TV Cancel favourite icon     Cancel favourite

EE TV Backwards icon      Backwards

EE TV Play and pause icon    Play/pause

EE TV Forwards icon      Forwards

EE TV Help icon           Help

EE TV Unpair device icon     Unpair device

EE TV Advanced settings icon      Advance settings

EE TV More info icon         More info

EE TV Extra time icon       Extra time 

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