Update my EE TV set top box software

From time to time, we'll update the software on your EE TV with new features and services.

Software updates for the app

To check the version of the EE TV app installed on your device, follow these steps:

  1. Open the EE TV app menu
  2. Go to TOOLS & HELP in the top menu and select STATUS.

  3. The STATUS page will open - the software version the app is running is shown at the top of the page.

Update the app

To update the EE TV app, head over to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. From here you can check for any updates and download the new version of the EE TV app for free.

Tip: If you don't update your EE TV app, you might see a message on your set top box saying your EE TV app isn’t compatible.

Set up the EE TV app

To set up your EE TV app after updating the software, follow these steps:

  1. Open your EE TV app.

  2. You’ll see an alert saying EE TV would like to send you notifications - select OK.

    Tip: We'll use alerts to let you know when your Recordings To Go content is ready to transfer to your device.

  3.  Select your EE TV box from the list.

  4. The first time you set up the EE TV app, you'll be asked to type in your EE TV box PIN code.

    Tip: You chose your PIN when you first set up your box. If you have parental controls turned on, it's the same PIN you use to watch locked content. If you've forgotten the PIN, get in touch - we'll be happy to help.

  5. Enter the PIN for your EE TV box and tap OK.

  6. The EE TV app will pair with your EE TV box and confirm that it's connected – then select NEXT.

  7. The WHAT'S NEW page will open - tap LET'S GO.

  8. The app will update and get programme information from your EE TV.

  1. You may see the alert EE TV would like access to your photos – if so, select OK.

    Tip: Allowing the app to access your photos lets you to send photos from your iPad to your television from your MY TV menu.

The EE TV menu will now open.

Software updates for your EE TV box

  • when you first set up your EE TV box, we'll check if there's an up-to-date version of software available. If there is, we'll download and install it before you get started
  • if a new update becomes available, we'll update your EE TV while it's in standby mode - usually when you're tucked up and fast asleep in bed
  • occasionally, you may see your box update while you're watching TV

What happens during an update

Here’s what happens when your set top box is updating:

  1. We'll display a message on your screen letting you know we're going to update your box.

  2. You'll see a few pages showing the update is downloading.

  3. And if the update was successful you’ll see a screen like this.

  4. This will take about five minutes - we're sorry if this causes any problems.

After an update, if you find that your digital TV or radio channels have no picture or no sound, try resetting your EE TV box - this will return the box to default settings (although you won't lose recordings). You'll find more help in our guide to resetting your EE TV.

How to check which version of software your set top box is running

  1. Press the MENU button on your EE TV remote.

  2. Press the up arrow on your remote (that's the one above OK) to highlight the top menu.
  3. Move over to TOOLS & HELP by pressing the right arrow on your remote.
  4. Now press the down and right arrow to highlight STATUS and press OK.

  5. From here, you can check your upgrader and software version.

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