Using my TV GUIDE with EE TV

Your TV guide lets you see what's on now, in the future and even in the past for your Replay channels.

You'll find the TV guide on your EE TV box and on the new and improved EE TV app.


TV guide on your television

To open your TV guide:

  1. Press GUIDE on your remote (or highlight TV GUIDE from your EE TV menu and press OK.

  2. Your TV GUIDE will open. Move through the grid using the up, down, left and right arrows on your remote.
  3. From here you can use the following buttons on your remote:

    up, down, left and right arrows let you select a programme you're interested in
    P+ or P- moves the page up or down
    fast forward moves the guide forwards a day
    rewind moves the guide back a day (great if you want to watch Replay content)
    play lets you watch the programme straight away

  4. Pressing OK shows you options available for the programme to include play, set up a reminder, Record and Restart (to take you to the start of the programme when available).


TV guide on the app

With the new and improved EE TV app, you can now access the TV guide so you can find what you want to watch and set up recordings, even while you're away from home.

At home

If you're at home, you'll find the guide in your LIVE TV menu - just tap TV GUIDE to open.

A full TV guide will open - swipe up, down or to the right (or use the arrows) to find the programme you'd like to watch or record.

Tap the programme you're interested in. If the programmes on now, tap LIVE to watch the show. Or you can record the programme, see information or even Flick to your TV.

If the programme hasn't started you can set up a reminder or record the programme. You can also set up a Recordings To Go and programme to your tablet or phone while you’re at home and then watch it when and where you want.

Out of home

If you're connected to the internet when you're out and about, you'll find the guide under TV GUIDE on your phone or tablet.

The guide shows what's on now and in the future - swipe up, down or to the right (or use the arrows) to find the programme you're looking for or would like to record.


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