Get Apple Arcade add-on free for six months

Apple Arcade is available only on Apple devices and requires a handset using the latest iOS version. Get six free months of Apple Arcade and enjoy unlimited access to over 200 incredibly fun games - all in one subscription.

How does six months of free Apple Arcade work?

We’ll treat you to six months of Apple Arcade:

  • whether you’re joining EE as a new customer or you’ve been with us for years
  • if you are a Consumer customer with a EE pay monthly or SIM only phone plan on a 12-month or more minimum term

During the free 6 months, it will appear on your bill as an included benefit in the "included with EE" section. After this, it will appear on your bill as a charge in the entertainment section.

To sign up:

  • text ARCADE to 150 - we'll send you a 6 months’ free activation code, or
  • log in to EE or download the EE app and go to Plan & Add-ons > Add-ons >Apple Arcade
  • then follow the instructions we send you

How do I set up Apple Arcade?

On an iPhone or an iPad

  1. we’ll text you when your subscription’s about to begin – follow the link for Apple to verify your membership
  2. if you’re connected to WiFi, you’ll get a PIN to enter in the Apple Arcade app. If you're not connected to WiFi, go to the next step
  3. link your Apple ID to your Apple Arcade membership with your email and password
  4. once your Apple ID is linked you’re ready to go

On an Android device

Apple Arcade app is only available on iOS devices.

What happens after the free six months?

You’ll be charged £6.99 a month after your free six months unless you cancel your subscription.

You might be billed for two Apple Arcade items in the first month you start paying. One charge is pro-rata for the rest of the billing period and the other is an advance charge for your paid subscription.

To manage your subscription, go to Settings->[your name]/Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes & App Store-> iTunes & App Stores-> Apple ID->View Apple ID>Subscriptions.

What if I already have Apple Arcade?

If you are an existing Apple Arcade member you will need to cancel your existing subscription directly with Apple. If you do not, you will continue to be charged by Apple.

What to do if you receive the error "This subscription is being used with another Apple ID"

In some cases, if you have previously had an Apple Arcade subscription you might see this error message. To fix this, please contact Apple Support and ask to change the Apple ID associated with your Apple Arcade subscription.

The legal bit

Apple Arcade Membership 6 Month Offer

Offer available to customers with Consumer EE pay monthly or SIM only phone plans on a 12 month or more minimum term. Not available to customers with Business Connect or Small Business plans. Individual Apple Arcade Membership is free for 6 months. If you’ve already benefited from our six months’ free Apple Arcade Membership offer you’re ineligible for this offer. Data used whilst using the app will be deducted from your plan allowance. After 6 months, membership automatically renews and you’ll be charged £6.99 a month. You can cancel at any time. If removed from your account during the first six months, you’ll be unable to get the add-on again free of charge. Requires a handset using the latest iOS version. Not available to customers on a 4GEE WiFi or Tablet Price Plan or customers with a handset not using iOS. Apple ID required. Apple Arcade is for your personal, non-commercial use only. It’s your responsibility to ensure that content accessed by under 18s is suitable for them. Content available may change from time to time. This offer is non-transferable. Not available with any other Apple Arcade Membership offer. Availability subject to credit status. Apple Arcade terms apply.

For more details see our Apple Arcade Terms.

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