What are pay monthly add-ons?

An add-on is a package of minutes, messages, data or services you can buy. Add-ons give you better value than our standard rates.

What are the basics I need to know about add-ons?

  • add-ons start as soon as you buy them and last for seven or 30 days
  • if part of your pack runs out, you’ll still be able to buy data, minutes or messages add-ons to see you through until your new pack starts
  • we’ll text you when your add-on has run out or come to the end of its seven- or 30-day period

You can buy an add-on by:

As well as the above you can buy a data add-on by going to:

add-on.ee.co.uk on your mobile device - you’ll need to be connected to the mobile network.

Remember, you’ll need to have credit available to buy your add-ons.

What type of pay monthly add-ons can I buy?

Pay monthly customers can buy the following add-ons:

  • data
  • photo messages
  • roaming
  • call abroad
  • call 084 or 087
  • music
  • games
  • mobile TV

How do I buy pay monthly add-ons?

You can buy add-ons by:


Below you can see the available add-ons.

To buy one, simply send the message in bold to 150 for free from your EE phone.


  • 200 mins each month to call numbers beginning with 084 or 087: text 08MINS200

Photo messages:

  • 100 UK photo messages: text 100MMS
  • 200 UK photo messages: text 200MMS

Need to know

To find out roaming costs for any country, text RO followed by the country name free to 150 (e.g. RO ITALY).

Find out about roaming data add-ons


If you prefer to buy add-ons by phone:

  • call 150 for free from your EE phone

View our non-standard price guides for pay monthly add-on rates

Read our pay monthly add-ons terms and conditions

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