Car WiFi with the Buzzard 2 from EE - How to connect

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Getting connected

You can connect up to ten WiFi-enabled devices at once to your Car WiFi. Follow these steps to connect your tablet, smartphone or laptop to your Car WiFi.

Your WiFi network name and password are on your Keep Me Card which is supplied in the box with the Car WiFi device.

Are you a pay as you go customer? Once connected, first open your internet browser. You'll automatically be taken to a registration page where you need to follow the steps to register your details and then activate your SIM. Then you'll be ready to go.

Please note, the registration/activation page won't be triggered if you're using an app downloaded onto your device such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

Having trouble connecting?

Remember, the light should be showing yellow to indicate a 3G or 4G signal or green to indicate a strong 3G or 4G signal. If you have a red light, that means there is no connectivity and you won't be able to use Car WiFi. A blinking red light means your device is preparing to connect.

If you're having any trouble inserting your SIM, check out our Getting started section.

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