Buzzard 1 and 2 car WiFi: manage device settings

  • EE
  • Orange
  • T-Mobile

You can go to the Connection Manager on your Car WiFi to use these advanced features:

  • Check your remaining data allowance
  • Read text messages sent to your 4GEE WiFi number
  • Manage settings on your Car WiFi, such as changing the name and password for your 4GEE WiFi network

To access the full range of advanced features, you'll need to log in to Connection Manager. To do this, connect a device such as a tablet, smartphone of laptop to your Car WiFi, go to in the internet browser, choose to log in and key in the following details:

    Username: admin

    Password: admin

When using a SIM-enabled iOS device (iPhone/iPad), the device will switch back to mobile data if your Car WiFi has no data. This means you won't be able to log into Connection Manager.

If you've run out of data, you can buy more - learn how by following these links for pay as you go customers or pay monthly customers.

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