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What if I'm already signed up with Airtime Rewards?

No problem, you’ll be able to view your balance within EE Rewards and request to redeem any available balance to your EE account. 


How long until credits show on my bill?
Credits will be applied to your EE account within 24 hours of requesting to redeem them from Airtime Rewards. For pay monthly customers this will be reflected on your next bill. For pay as you go customers, credits will be applied to your top-up balance. Credits cannot be exchanged for cash.

Find out more about Airtime Rewards redemptions.


Airtime Rewards Terms & Conditions
For Airtime Rewards a minimum £10 balance is required to credit to bill. You will need to associate your credit or debit card with your Airtime Rewards account in order to earn rewards on qualifying purchases. Transactions may take up to 14 days to appear in your Airtime Rewards account in a pending status. Airtime Rewards' terms apply.


How often do you add new partners?
Airtime Rewards add new brands to their services frequently – keep checking back with Airtime Rewards.


My rewards aren’t showing/my cashback has disappeared
There may be a problem accessing your data. Try refreshing the page or check again later. 

Find out more about Airtime Rewards redemption.


Will my data be used/sold on by other companies?
Please review Airtime Rewards’ privacy policy for details. 


Need help with Airtime Rewards app?

As Airtime Rewards is an app outside of EE you’ll need to contact Airtime Rewards support if you need any help. Just look under ‘More’ in the app. 

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