Early Cancellation Credit

The Early Cancellation Credit of £50 for cancellation fees or early termination charges from your previous broadband and calls provider is only available to customers who are in contract with another provider for their broadband and calls subscription on the date they join EE broadband and incurred charges for leaving early.

Subscription includes any monthly outstanding payments for line rental or monthly call plans – this does not include outstanding call charges. You’ll need to provide evidence showing your full name and address, that you were in contract at the time you ordered your EE broadband and evidence you have paid any cancellation fees or early termination charges.

Evidence must be provided by uploading electronic copies at https://50credit.ee.co.uk, where instructions on how to do this are provided. You must claim your £50 credit within 90 days of your EE broadband service being activated. The credit will be applied to your EE broadband account in the next month following the satisfactory completion and processing of your request.

If the credit is for an amount greater than your monthly charge, the remainder of the credit will be credited to the bank account from which your EE broadband monthly direct debit is taken.

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