Pay As You Go Subscription Packs

Get our biggest ever allowances on a contract-free SIM.

Get extra data for three months when you choose a £10, £15 or £20 Subscription Pack. Offer ends 31st January 2024.

Pay for your minutes, texts and data every month without a contract

Choose a Subscription Pack that works for you

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SIM with a Subscription Pack

Get connected with our biggest ever allowances on the UK's no.1 network when you buy a pay as you go SIM.

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Explore our brand new range of 4G devices with the best deals on pay as you go, and get more data than ever before.

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Enjoy more data than ever before on our free pay as you go SIM. Select the Subscription Pack of your choice and we'll do the rest.

Why pay as you go with EE?

Subscribe To Save

Get 10% off each Subscription Pack purchase, anytime with Subscribe To Save. There's no need to remember topping up to get your pack. No contracts, no commitments.

Free Boosts

Buy the same Subscription Pack two months in a row and you'll get 500MB on us for every two pack purchases.

Data Rollover

Get more from your Subscription Pack with data rollover. Any unused data will roll over into your next Subscription Pack.

4G & WiFi Calling

4G Calling and WiFi Calling are now available on our pay as you go devices so you can stay connected in more places.

WiFi Coverage Boost

Helps you get signal in more places, powered by our 150,000 hand-picked WiFi hotspots across the UK.