Our vision


Our vision is to be the most personal and customer-focused brand in the UK

Being responsible

We want to use the power of technology for good, and are committed to building the best network in the country and supporting individuals and communities, in a responsible way.

This includes focusing on our customers’ and colleagues’ issues and needs, building an inclusive business, and delivering on our sustainability targets.

Building trust

We strive to be the UK’s most trusted communications company and are focused on ensuring that we do the right thing. We want our customers to trust EE to provide for their ever-growing digital needs, to recieve a personal customer experience, and to be reassured that we are working with responsible partners.

Focusing on sustainable technology

We want to continue making progress in reducing our carbon footprint and are committed to helping our customers make greener choices when it comes to technology. Reducing e‑waste, re-using our old smart devices and encouraging the use of recyclable or renewable materials in product manufacturing are at the forefront of how we should make and enjoy technology.