About Us

Our vision is to provide the best network and best service so our customers trust us
with their digital lives.

Who are we?

EE, part of the BT Group, runs the UK's biggest and fastest mobile network, offering 4G in more places than any other UK network. EE was first to launch 4G in the UK in October 2012, and also first to launch 5G in May 2019.

EE also provides home and business broadband using both 4G and fixed line connections. EE’s retail presence exceeds more than 600 shops across the UK.

Why EE

Our network

We're building a new digital backbone for Britain to give you the fastest, most reliable service all across the country. And we’ve been awarded the UK’s best network for the seventh year in a row.

Beyond customer service

We treat customer service with the utmost importance providing a personalised experience through the products and services we offer.

Our people

Our employees are key to our success whose goal is to deliver the highest level of service and improve the customer experience.

Part of the BT family

As we’re part of the BT family we can let you know about BT products and services that you might be interested in.

It's all about you

Our top priority is to provide great customer experience. Keep up to date on our performance and how we're supporting our customers. 

Our values in action

Being responsible

Our responsibility approach, called ‘Better Britain’ is about building the best network for the country and supporting individuals and communities. 

Building trust

We build trust within EE and outside it by focusing on the issues our customers, employees and the business hold most dear - and making sure we do the right thing.

Leadership team

Meet the management team behind EE, including our CEO Marc Allera and the other people leading our business.