Reduce. Re-use. Recycle.


Focusing on sustainable technology at EE

We’re proud of the progress that we’re making to reduce our carbon footprint. A big part of that progress is offering more ways for technology to remain used and useful for as long as possible. We’re committed to helping you make greener choices like this because we know how much taking action to cut the environmental impact of your tech matters – to you and to us.

Accessories that keep your phone as good as new


Our Minute One Premium film bundles contain a case, screen protector and a discount for additional bundle purchases. All Minute One packaging materials are recycled and recyclable - helping to protect your phone and the planet.

Extending the life of your phone


Our free annual device check-up helps ensure your phone is still performing at its best. Plus, we offer rapid device repairs in-store - with fixes in as little as two hours. We’ll even give you a loan phone while we fix yours.

Did you know, if the lifetime of all smartphones in the world was extended by just one year it could potentially save an additional 21.4 million tonnes of CO2 emissions every year by 2030. That’s equal to taking more than 4.7 million cars off the road. Read the GSMA Mobile phone Circular Economy Report.

Trade in an old device


Trade in your old phone, tablet or smartwatch, and we’ll ensure they’re securely refurbished or recycled to keep them out of landfill. Plus, you could save on average £170, which is better for the planet and your wallet.

According to Recycle Your Electrics there are 527 million unwanted electrical items hiding in UK homes, 10% of which are mobile phones (EE Research). Refurbishing an old unwanted phone requires 87% less virgin materials than making a new one - so giving your old phone a new lease of life as a refurbished phone helps someone else reduce the environmental impact of their purchase.

Why reducing the impact of your technology is so important

Technology is more important to our daily lives than ever, but every device we create and use comes at a cost for our planet. From extracting the raw materials needed to build our products and devices, to manufacturing and transporting them – even keeping them charged – every step creates carbon emissions.  

Did you know more than 50 different materials are found in a smartphone, including precious metals and elements? Mining these materials and elements requires water and can damage natural habitats, placing ever more pressure on our planet.

Once we’ve used and enjoyed our tech we often then get rid of those products, either by putting them in a drawer and forgetting about them, or sticking them in the bin or in landfill, rather than finding ways to make sure they can go on and have a useful second – or even third – life. When we get rid of electronics like this it becomes e-waste. That means we miss out on the opportunity to reuse our products, and the precious metals and materials in our devices. It also means we are reliant on making new tech to meet our needs.

With 80% of the carbon emissions of each new device occurring during its manufacture, not reusing what we already have, when it makes sense to do so, means we lose out of reducing the impact of the tech that we all enjoy.

In 2021 it was estimated 57.4m tonnes of electronic waste were discarded [worldwide], outweighing the Great Wall of China – the world’s heaviest human construction.

WEEE Forum (

Rethinking how we make and enjoy technology

At EE, we want to change the way people think about their devices, so we can all enjoy technology and its benefits for years to come.

In a circular electronics economy, e-waste is significantly reduced or even eliminated; products are made using renewable energy and recycled or renewable materials; and devices are made to be used and used again.

It’s a more sustainable way to approach tech production – and it’s an approach we’re adopting for all our own brand devices here at EE. And many of our device
partners, such as Apple, are also doing the same.

So, look after your tech using our protective accessories, or repair it using our services if your device breaks. And when you’re finished with your smartphone, tablet, or any other device, consider trading in it so it doesn’t end up in that drawer and can go on to live again

In 2020 there were 7.7bn mobile phones in use with a footprint of 580m tonnes of CO2e. [That’s] the equivalent of powering 7,309,950 homes for one year.

Mike Berners-Lee, How bad are bananas? Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator | US EPA

How you can get involved

Getting involved is easy. It means maintaining your devices through protective accessories; keeping them in great condition with an Annual Health Check; and using our 2-hour or next day repair service when they break. In short, it’s about helping your tech live as long as possible.

Then, when you choose to upgrade, you can trade in your device to be reused or recycled. 95% of the devices we receive from Trade-In are refurbished and given a second life.

The 5% that are too damaged are broken down and used for parts. It all means we send zero traded in devices to landfill.