Land Rover Explore

Made for the rugged outdoors

Land Rover Explore is not like other phones. Made for the rugged outdoors, its award-winning design means that it can be taken just about anywhere, which is a natural fit for the UK’s biggest mobile network.

Launching in June 2018, the Explore phone is weatherproof and durable and comes with embedded UK ordnance survey maps.

Working together with Bullitt Group (who owns the mobile brand rights), we created a robust strategy to ensure the target market not only know about the new outdoor companion, but regard it as an essential part of their lifestyle.

Creating a bespoke strategy

Delivering this device to a niche market meant that we needed to create a bespoke launch strategy that went beyond the traditional approach. This involved using insight to understand our target market in granular detail and shaping a customised launch plan. Our plan includes: targeting EE stores best located for the outdoors target market, collaboration with well-known adventurers on social media, plus a media plan targeting outdoor publications.

But our customer communications are just part of the puzzle. To demonstrate the uniqueness of the proposition to our staff, we’re launching bespoke sales incentives with outdoor themed prizes and a unique training events programme involving explorer James Ramsey.

7.5m UK outdoor enthusiasts

Land Rover - no.1 outdoor brand

Tailored launch plan to target core audience across EE channels

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